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What I’m Seeing

Don’t go for a run in Georgia. Don’t try to enforce masking rules and laws. Don’t respect your neighbor’s legitimate fear of infection and go right ahead and wipe your nose on them or spit on them. This is what I’m seeing.

Sick people are processing the meat some people desperately want. We have no decent information about this virus, which seems to have mutated and become more virulent while it has the ability to hide in plain sight in asymptomatic people. If the virus could jump from meat to humans just through exposure, not consumption, might it have the ability to jump from asymptomatic meat handlers into the meat? The virus does not like warm, moist environments. Could it possibly like cold, raw meat? I don’t know about you, but I’m going meatless unless I know for certain where the meat was processed. I loved Peculiar, Missouri. There were meat processors in the rurals who hunted, slaughtered, and dressed all the meats they sold. They catered to the exotic selling squirrel, opossum, and chitterlings! Of course, I didn’t eat these meats, but it was interesting to know there were some people who still possessed the skills to get their own meat independent of the corporate processors.

I want to see the sick people get care. I want to see them get food and shelter for themselves and their families. I want to see corporations place people before profits.

I believe I’m gonna go blind.


I'm Not Ridin' With Biden

Maybe I’m a single issue voter on this one, but Biden supports the status quo and I can’t vote for that.

Biden was VP to the plan that implemented a mandatory purchase of health insurance or be fined for noncompliance. No one will say it, but the ACA was a gift to insurance companies, and I can’t vote for more of that.

True, that mandatory charge was lifted, and Trump and the Gang are steadily trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act since somehow getting into office without offering a viable alternative to cover all of the American people. Biden is down with maintaining private insurance and tinkering with ACA until it serves … I don’t know who. I can’t vote for more of that.

Trump refers to us as customers. We are not citizens. We are not Americans. We are not patriots. We are customers. This pandemic needs a entrepreneurial approach taken according to self-hating Kushner. Capitalism and the free market economy must take precedence in our considerations. This is how to best serve the needs of the customer.

Save us all from capitalism and it’s “free” markets. I don’t like the fact that the market governs my healthcare. The free markets have put us all out of work in the blink of an eye because free markets can’t stand up to a microbe.

Mnuchin stands there, talking about sending $1000 to everyone. Yeah, right. That man presided over more foreclosures than all who have died in the current pandemic. Kamala Harris had a chance to put the kibosh on him … and let him go. I hope Biden selects her as his running mate. Remember that sucking sound Perot used to tell us about?

I ain’t ridin’ with Biden. He keeps bad company. He holds policy ideas I cannot back. I appreciated Bernie’s invitation to #StatusQuoJoe to join him. Biden could have chosen to meet him in the middle, but he didn’t do that. He stuck solidly to his conservative liberal stance. I can’t vote for more of that.