feeling daft

what the hell? bernie dropped out? damn. that’s disappointing. still, he can gather delegates to be used as leverage at the convention. the point now really is to dump the garbage cluttering up the people’s house.

like dolly said, don’t know whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch. can’t seeem to settle. need to knit. need to create meaning. need to create order. because order is destroyed. stability seems an illusory island among a bazillion of us no longer needing to fake it til you make it because the making it has been stilled for all but a very few of us.

mercy, where am i living? like marvin said, what’s going on? how much more abuse are we gonna stan?


Lupe Ontiveros, 1942-2012

Just discovered, quite serendipitously, that Lupe Ontiveros, 69, died of liver cancer.

I’ve always been a fan of this actor who seemed to be a woman with whom you could sit and share a cuppa. She was a genuine and gifted artist.

I was meaning to do some research on the woman born Guadalupe Moreno in El Paso on September 17, 1942. Planned a chapter on my favorite actors, including Rosalind Cash, Madge Sinclair.

I think I’m having an EB moment. I haven’t been right since hearing Ernie Borgnine left us. At least he was 95. I love his recipe for longevity.

Lupe Ontiveros. She was young. We lost gold.