About What to Talk?

Too much happening all at once. Plane crashes killing too many Ethiopians and some poor man at the airport around the corner. Gun happy, people hating white supremacist trying to kill the Umma. Too many dead.

An economist with the world on a string commits suicide. What on earth was wrong that you take your very accomplished life at 58? People starving in Yemen. We’re in bed with Saudi Arabia. Orange Slush and White Bread in the Oval. This is a nightmare of elephantine proportions.

I want to say something meaningful, something with malice, snark, sarcasm ’cause I can see that all day. I don’t want to contribute to that. There is too much that is not humane in the air. Every time I see Orange Slush or any of his ilk, I cringe. How is it that they are continuing to destroy the nation and cannot be stopped? The nation has always been divided.

Prime Minister Ardern is a wonder to behold. There is no comparing her to Orange Slush. I want to be a Kiwi. Look at the response to a cultural crisis. Immediate change. If only we had any competent leadership.