All weekend, I binge watched stories of homelessness. Started again today, though I told myself that I had probably saturated my heart with emotions of anger, frustration, helplessness. How do we do this to one another? How do we watch this displacement going on all around us, and do nothing?

People cannot say they are unaware of what is happening. Many complain too much about homeless people cluttering up their streets/beaches/sidewalks/freeway underpasses/freeway overpasses/parks/across the street from City Hall/trains. The one homeless spot that truly impressed me was the one where a woman found her way into the bridge over which the commuter trains pass. It is hollow under the train’s throughway. How she managed to get what looked like a world of belongings into that long, curving hollow space, I’ll never know, but she did it and created a secure space for herself and her dog!

How long is this going to go on? Bloomberg is making advertisers rich while citizens live on the streets. Trump is the generator of poverty for the majority of us. People oughta vote right. The most impoverished support the Failure in Chief.

What a world.