As a Customer, This Is Not My Order

The other day the Hate Yam referred to American citizens as customers. Pence referred to himself as a layman, so why is heading a task force related to medicine? So many people are taking medical advice from the Hate Yam’s tweets. I feel pity for those who support this administration because they have been misled.

Am I the only one to be disturbed by the so-called president referring to voters as customers? I do not like the treatment I have received as a customer. Customers are disrespected, taken for granted. We are the ones producing more than 70% of GDP in this dancerie. We are the reason the economy was humming, ’cause we were buying, expressing confidence in the economy if not the administration.

If I could, as a customer, I’d send this order, this social order, right back to the cook. I cannot believe how botched the Administration’s response is to a PANDEMIC. That was the only word I needed to hear. The Administration knew about this virus months ago. What we have here is the result of taking an entrepreneurial approach to a PANDEMIC.

Whose brilliant idea was this entrepreneurial approach? Another layman: Jared, the self-hating Jew, Kushner. Why didn’t the entrepreneurs have our medical supplies up and over strength?

We lack preparation. We lack discipline. We are going to reap the whirlwind.