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Case Closed?

Looky here, folks. The final tote board. Not one indication of the $48K taken from me, no indication of the foreclosure that propelled me into bankruptcy, except that Beal Bank is clearly listed as a creditor. My, my.

That $1680 – $68.40 are the only fees recorded by the Court. Tortfeasor Brad Weil filed for >$9000 in attorney’s fees. I objected, citing his failure to represent me, his failure to account for my insurance monies, his failure to perform due diligence, his negligence & malfeasance. The Court agreed with me as his fees have been removed from the final accounting.

I have been robbed under the cover of the law.



Today I received from the BK court the following notification:

Pursuant to the court’s findings and conclusions at the hearing on the motion to dismiss this case, IT IS ORDERED THAT:

(1) debtor’s bankruptcy case is dismissed; and

(2) the court retains jurisdiction on all issues involving sanctions, any bar against being a debtor in bankruptcy, all issues arising under Bankruptcy Code sections 105, 109(g), 110, 329, 349, and 362, and to any additional extent provided by law.

Paralegals, your homework is to research the above sections of the BK Code and to consider the significance of their inclusion in this notification.