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Fuel to the Spark

It occurs to me that everyone has a spark of the Divine within. Many of us have not supplied any fuel to that spark that would make it burst into beautiful, clarifying flame.   More often, it seems, people actively dampen the spark, causing it to come close to perishing for lack of good fuel. It burns low, will flare up with acts and thoughts of good will, then burn low […]

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In Memoriam: Stummer’s Photo Documentary   Helen M. Stummer’s "Rest in Peace" documents memorials to children and young people lost to gang violence, drugs, and accidents.   Benjamin Genocchio’s description of Helen Stummer’s photography of memorials, "In Newark, Remembering the Dead."

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Forty Acres and a Gap in Wealth

The Pew study that found Blacks no longer think of themselves as one "race" seems to have caught many people off guard. I don’t really understand why. In the article linked below, Henry Louis Gates calls for making property owners of the poor. He thinks that ownership of property will make the left behind feel like stakeholders in America, that owning property will change the values, habits, and practices of […]

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