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Inadequate Prosecution

White-collar crime is not prosecuted with any adequacy in this country. Racketeers, money launderers, high-class thieves are allowed to defraud the country; the state, local government, individuals, corporations, everyone is fair game. If caught, at most there is a fine, generally a slap on the wrist. Don’t get caught next time is what that fine says.

I am being sued for defamation by a white-collar criminal who has destroyed my property in collaboration with state and local government agencies and an insurance company. Prior to this shakedown, I was being ripped off by a bank in Texas!

To whom does one report white-collar crime? How many people have to know of the occurrence before taking action to end it?

Corporate totalitarianism is making me very ill.


Pearl S. Buck Style, Daina Ramey Berry and Context of the Cadaver Trade

I have been reading too many books simultaneously. I have become mesmerized by Pearl Buck’s writing style. It seems long , detailed, almost like a conversation. The style has drawn me in, as well as the historical context of 19th C China.

I began reading Buck to try an unpack some of my biases against China. I first read Imperial Woman, that dramatizes some elements of the life of the Emperor Dowager Cixi (Shu-she). Now I have settled on reading alone The Pavilion of Women, to be followed by Peony, a story about the Jews in China. I began reading the last two books simultaneously, but have become captivated by the mind of Madame Wu. I recommend reading any of the many Pearl S. Buck books. I used to take for granted that everyone knew of The Good Earth, but no longer. If you are completely unfamiliar with Buck, start with that book. I you have a passing interest in China, her fiction is verisimilar. There are several good documentaries, and films, about various elements of Chinese history on YouTube.

Completing The Price for Their Pound of Flesh by Daina Ramey Berry was difficult because of the conflicting nature of her study. For me, the story was jaw-dropping. Long interested in the study and practice of forensic pathological science, this study fleshed out the development of medical school organization and practice among, generally speaking, elite white men. That body snatching thing was real, but the victims in this country were the enslaved and poor. Don’t be one of the executed, incarcerated and executed, or unclaimed; battles could possible be wage over the right to your body. This early cadaver trade is the lead-in to our current underground trade in “red flesh” or body parts.

Black Resurrectionists procured, prepared, and presented cadavers, body parts, fetuses, infants, and severed limbs and heads to further anatomical study in the early institutions of medicine. Medical students, poor whites, and any other interested in making some money also participated in this work.


Two takes on whiteness

Notes on Colorism


Some decades ago on a daytime TV talk show – I’ll never find it – the African-American public intellectual, Cornel West, was seated next to some Ku Klux Klan members, and the host said something about the KKK representing white people. West gestured at the white supremacists next to him on the stage and replied, “These people don’t represent white people; they represent morons.” That encapsulated the norm in anti-racist discourse in the post-1960s trajectory (post-MLK/post-hippies). It was not black vs white but, as Dr. King called it, a “coalition of conscience” on one side and racists on the other, “for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny . . . that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom” (“I Have a Dream,” 1963).

How times have changed. Many in the…

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Paralegal Notes: Resources

When all regular avenues of complaint have been used and found inadequate there remains another avenue: Claim for Damages.

Before a state or local governing body can be sued in small claims court, a Claim for Damages must be filed. If the body denies the claim, one can then proceed to small claims court to sue. If the claim is accepted, one must wait for the investigation to be completed. If the outcome of the investigation is unsatisfactory, then suit can be filed.

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The Trial

I can’t watch the trial of the murderous police officer, but I have caught snippets from other commentators and have seen short scenes from the video exhibits. Two things I’ve noticed:

There is a line of fluid that runs underneath Mr. Floyd’s truck, approaching the curb. I don’t believe anyone was drinking a beverage. At that point, I think Mr. Floyd voided. At that point, he died.

Isn’t the cost of doing business accepting some losses from the inadvertent acceptance of counterfeit bills? How do you take that money out of your employee’s pay? How do you send an 18 year old employee outside to deal with an individual suspected of passing a counterfeit bill?

That’s all, Beloved. I can’t say any more just now.


Consumer Alert! Protech Construction and Unauthorized Demolition

Protech Construction demolished my home without my authorization. The active engineering report commissioned by Safeco Insurance stated the condition of my property prior to Protech’s appearance on this site. This engineering report formed the basis upon which my original claim was settled for $48K. It states that the damage from the tree limb falling on my bedroom was confined to the bedroom. Protech Construction demolished undamaged property and replaced it with an unfinished structure, built without plans.

CSLB found Protech Construction abandoned the project, but Los Angeles County Public Works passed this structure through final inspection. It did take LACPW from 2017 to right now to inform me that a contractor can demolish a property on the strength of the license. No need to present approved plans, an authorization statement from the owner. No need to pay any attention to the equivalent of a pre-inspection report that is the engineering report referred to earlier. No need to provide any documentation superseding the engineering report.

Protech Construction signed itself as the owner of my property on the demolition receipts. Protech Construction stole my identity and used its license to destroy my home. Protech Construction also received more than $250K from Safeco Insurance for destroying my home and leaving me in worse condition than before filing my homeowner insurance claim on Earth Day 2016.

Homeowners, consumers of insurance products appear to have no one protecting our interests where white-collar crime is concerned. Fraud and embezzlement practices that have been used for some time involve a lot of stalling to get past the statute of limitations.

Consumers Beware of Protech Construction, LA County Public Works, Department of Insurance, Safeco/Liberty Mutual Insurance.