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New Day

I’m struggling with understanding where I live, from the community to the national and international levels. I don’t know what to expect from my country, but I definitely know what to expect from some of my community members: continued murder and mayhem from the gang members, continued reticence from my Latino neighbors who are afraid of the gang members, continued disrespect from justice system that worries more about criminals than […]

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Female Condoms and HIV/AIDS

Now that AIDS is disproportionately responsible for the deaths of Black women, ages 25-34, the female condom is back on the market. Apparently, it is still much too difficult to get men to use condoms, so the stealthy option of the female condom is openly promoted to help lower the infection rate. Now, more affordable and more comfortable, women in D.C., heart of Chocolate City, can receive female condoms for […]

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I’ve just completed a month-long expedition into Los Angeles County’s ordinances related to keeping fowl in an area zoned as residential, R1. Zoning, Animal Control, and Environmental Health were all contacted and it took a month to move the property owner to force his tenants to remove all the roosters and chickens they were keeping on the place. Roosters crow all the time, day or night. Now, they do not […]

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Notes on the President’s Address

  the grip and grin shot – as the President enters the chamber Topic: Economy and Economic Agenda "We will rebuild, we will recover, we will emerge stronger than before." Banks, lenders, what about the real estate agents and brokers? Real estate industry needs regulation and oversight. Agenda begins with jobs. reform regulatory system energy healthcare education preventive care dropping out is quitting on self and country line-by-line vetting of […]

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An honor killing outside Atlanta, GA. How odd is that? States dealing with cultural practices from other countries would do well to familiarize themselves with the concepts that shape practices. The concept of shame plays a significant role in the practice of honor killings. A method of controlling social behavior, engaging in any behavior that might bring shame to the family is forbidden.  The woman in Georgia wanted to divorce […]

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