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Neighbor Done Lost Her Mind

I have written here before about the gang members who live across the street and harass me every chance they get. Last March, the day before my birthday, I sent a Demand Letter to the owner of the property. I asked for $7500 in compensation for harassment, threats on my life, taunting, attempted humiliation, and exposure to violence. They seem to have forgotten how they have treated me from 2008 to the present day.

When they shut up after the first letter, I let it go, but the other day as I was walking out to my car to go to the 341 hearing, I was loud-talked, chided, and asked why I wanted to sue my NEIGHBORS! I was subjected to this harassment because the loud-talking woman decided to accept gossip for reality. She thought I called the Sheriff on her. Why? Must be guilt, because I hadn’t thought about them since March 2015.

Since she brought it up, I thought to renew my demand for my money. If I don’t receive the $7500 by 20 February, we will be seeing the inside of the Small Claims Court where the landlord will have to explain why she supports a nuisance.

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Tide is Turning

Managed to file an amended Ch 13 and stall the sale of my home. Plan payments are now affordable and, more importantly, sustainable. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with MGC/Beal/Dovenmuehle. Perhaps there is a reason for my having a continued relationship with this entity that engages in questionable business practices, practices that are not consumer-friendly.

I must be very careful in how I describe my interactions with entities that might want to sue me because they confuse telling the truth with defamation. James Henry, the Encino office manager of Westfield Law Group, harassed me into removing my Yelp review because it still reflected a complaint, and if I wanted a refund of my $800, I had to completely remove the review. I had to tell him I would file a police report on him if he didn’t stop calling and threatening me. He actually had the gall to say I was combative! I wasn’t, but it certainly would have been an appropriate attitude, given this ass who doesn’t want truth told about his operation. I’m sorry. Is that defamatory?

Not once did the representatives of Westfield Law Group express any concern about my potential loss of my home. If they think I can be silenced about this, they are wrong.

Twice I asked James for the bar license number. He told me he wasn’t a lawyer. I said there should be a bar license number for the Law Group. He wouldn’t or couldn’t produce one. I don’t see one on the website. I don’t see that key number anywhere it should be visible. Are these people practicing law without a license?

Westfield Law Group does not give refunds. I’m getting my money back from a botched job only because I was bullied into taking my Yelp review down. All bets are off once the money is in my hands. The first review goes up, and a new one will be added. My $800 held hostage for a Yelp review. (smh)

So, continuing my reporting of the Law Group to every agency I can think of, I am firing off a complaint to the California Bar Association. Then I’ll see what’s what with Westfield Law Group.







Suddenly, the IL branch of MGC is no longer listed on my homeowner’s insurance, but a TX branch has replaced them.

Response to BBB complaint came from TX. Must read and respond, but quick peruse offered no explanation of their practices in my case.

Received written notification that my loss mitigation package was received complete. Now, they need 37 days to review it. Meanwhile, there is a realtor trying to get payoff info so I might escape the clutches of this evil corporation. I have no confidence iin this company and resent being forced to continue doing business with them. This is only possible because I have no money.


“Walked Past a Church Yesterday, Had This Poster on the Door”…

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Even if you’re not a religious person, surely this is a church you’d have to at least step in to and say hello!

Walked Past a Church Yesterday, Had This Poster on the DoorSource: jbbarnes88

Photograph location: St Clements Church, Leigh-on-sea, Essex, England (

Transcribed for anyone who has trouble reading it from the picture.

“We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, gay, confused, filthy rich, comfortable, or dirt poor. We extend a special welcome to those who are crying new-borns, skinny as a rake or could afford to lose a few pounds. You’re welcome if you are Old Leigh, New Leigh, Not Leigh, or just passing by.

We welcome you if you can sing like Pavarotti or can’t carry a note in a bucket. You’re welcome here if you’re ‘just browsing,’ just woke up or just got out of prison. We don’t care if you’re more Christian than the Archbishop of…

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Learning Curve of the Perplexed (Real/Real)

Finally, spoke with attorney who put my understanding straight. Mortgage companies do not have to tell you to file probate. They only have to collect their money because they are a secured lender. They just get their money or do what they are doing to me, selling the property.

I will have to assume the loan, but now that the balance is 3x what it was before this foreclosure started, I still feel ripped off, but the mortgage company has done nothing wrong. How can this be right?

Since no one is required to tell heirs what should be done when dealing with mortgage companies, particularly ones that do not communicate any info other than where to send the payment, a manual should be created to inform consumers of what basic steps can be taken to protect our interests and save our property from seizure through questionable business practices.

There oughta be a law requiring financial institutions to inform people of steps they should take after the death of a parent who leaves real property. The fate of our inheritances should not rest on the caprice of a moneylender.  Secured lenders should be required to file claims against Estates just like unsecured lenders, and they should have to do it in a timely fashion.

What has happened to me should not happen to anyone else just because they have no money and cannot hire an attorney.

Well, off to find some cash….


MGC Mortgage: Saga cont’d (Real/Real)

As the 15 July 2015 sale date approaches, MGC Mortgage is still attempting to get me to assume the loan. They refuse to acknowledge the many years of payments made for which I was given no credit. All that has occurred, until probate was filed, under my mother’s name and credit. They refuse to stop the sale unless I assume the mortgage. They refuse to state why no claim was filed against the Estate.

Filed a complaint with BBB Illinois, who has contacted MGC Mortgage, but they have 14 days to answer. I do not expect them to respond. Unless I get an Order for Injunctive Relief, it will be difficult to stop them.