Day 1447: Life is short — The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, the wonderful Kathy at cardiac rehab said to me Life is short when we were discussing my long-lived wish to live the rest of my short life near a beautiful body of water. Whenever somebody says Life is short I agree with that person, even though I’ve lived much longer than most people expected […]

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Ready for that Humane Roundup?

Know who’s going to build the wall? All of us who heard the president-elect say he was going to round up deportees in a very nice, very humane way. Line forms to the extreme right.

I cannot believe what just happened, except that I think people really dislike Clinton and her husband. How little they care for themselves, as well.

Supreme Court and all three branches of government are now in Republican hands.


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That Nanowrimo Thang

It is here again, that nanowrimo thang. I signed up this year, and announced, even wrote a couple of chapters. Already too much pressure.

Trying to develop this habit for an activity I once loved as a child and engaged in effortlessly. I promised myself I would write if I got old enough to have done something, been somewhere. Here I am.

Allegedly, I just have to write something, e’r’day. Doesn’t have to be long, or even make sense, only written.

So, here goes, though late, but whatchugondo?

Think I need to change the background to commemorate the moment.

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Grateful Shawl with Knit-as-You-Go I-Cord Edge (Therapeutic Knitting)

asymshawlGrateful Shawl

Click the link for a clearly written, free pattern for an asymmetric shawl with an I-cord edging that is knit onto the shawl as you go.

Nifty technique. There is a link to learn grafting included in the pattern that will take you to videos that demonstrate the kitchener stitch using a tapestry needle. Look for the video that demonstrates knitted grafting technique. Another nifty technique to add to your Notions Kit.

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What’s the word?

We now know for a fact that the government of Russia and Vladimir Putin is blatantly interfering in this year’s presidential election, most notably by hacking into and strategically releasing the emails and computer files of Democratic organizations and campaign officials. There has been no equivalent targeting by Russia of Republican organizations or the Trump…

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