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Remember the era of Negritude, when there was awareness of and pride in all that was Black culture? Seems to me that what we’ve got now is negricide, the extermination of Black culture. I’m working on developing a concept here. Negricide encompasses that awkward term black-on-black crime, child-rearing practices, general cultural practices like wearing one’s pants around one’s ankles and expecting to be able to run away from the police […]

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Don’t know what to do

It amazes me that the government only recently decided that we are in recession. I knew what was up when my teaching gig ended and I could not find work for six months. When I did locate a job, after my unemployment benefits ran out and the bills kept coming, I applied and was hired by a security guard company. Something about the people who hired me did not feel […]

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Forty Acres and a Gap in Wealth

The Pew study that found Blacks no longer think of themselves as one "race" seems to have caught many people off guard. I don’t really understand why. In the article linked below, Henry Louis Gates calls for making property owners of the poor. He thinks that ownership of property will make the left behind feel like stakeholders in America, that owning property will change the values, habits, and practices of […]

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