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Type, Don’t Write – Take 2

The wind is high. Already, several tree limbs have hit the house. The first one was slender, showed signs of termites, hollow inside, ripe for being blown down.

Anxiety. What good would it do to call the insurance company? The tree should have been removed instead of my home. What good would it do to call the contractor who botched this job royally? I hope he used my claim funds for something worthwhile, like curing HIV/AIDS or the Oval Occupier.

Women are under attack, but they have always been under attack. We are not counted among those created equal. It is no accident that only men are mentioned. Just like it is no accident that God is allegedly a male. That’s sex. I never thought God had a sex. What need of sex has God? When the myth got started that Jesus was God, I lost all interest in Christian religions. I know they’re gonna be struck by something and I don’t want to get smote.

The Old Testament God was angry, jealous, would tear shit up, or inflict horrors on pretty innocent people. At least, I understand this God. He’s petty.

With the New Testament we throw out the petty God and claim Jesus is God and his son. That’s some hellified double relationship. God made a baby who was Himself. A woman was used.

Women constantly get used. I’m ’bout fed up with that. But women find it difficult to stand together. Wasn’t always this way, but it seems to be the case today. Maybe it’s generational. Women were in competition for men, so they were bitchy to one another. Let a woman get a man and she will abandon her women friends in a combination New York/LA minute. Cisness is death to women friendships.

My best friends were always lavender ladies. They know how to party. They know how to be quiet and comfortable together. They know how to be friends. I wish everyone was multisexual, especially the Christians.

Why do Christians have so much interest in other folks’ naughty bits? Why are they always trying to make women have babies they can’t care for? Why don’t they have as much care for the living as they do for the “pre-born”? I’d like to see a 6 week foetus survive on its own, no machines, nada. Just pretend it is born.

What happened to procreation being a job for two? If the women are being penalized for getting pregnant, why aren’t the men who impregnated them getting some sort of punishment? Punitive. That’s what Christians are. They are sadistic and mean.

Of course, there are sadistic and mean people everywhere in America. They exist in every religion, every ethnicity, every age group, every sex. But Christians, maybe evangelical Christians stand out for their love of death. They would rather see you dead than not believe the way they do.

I don’t know about this type, don’t write thing. I get to saying stuff I think but don’t say. I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like hurting other people. However, there is more room out than in. So, there you go.

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Silly Rabbit and Other Troubled Gender Relations

Vi Stiviano’s interview with Barbara Walters spoke more about the problematic gender relations existing among the Sterlings and herself than I ever could. Less said about that matter the better.

Then, there is the troubling matter of Boko Haram stealing girls in the name of Allah and doing who knows what with them. Why such a long wait to do anything about these murderous fanatics? Why did the Nigerian government do nothing until now to stop the kidnapping of girls and young women? Even the woman prime minister made excuses instead of expressing outrage and disgust at the lack of action.

PBS Newshour has been discussing how we rear our children in this technologized era. Young girls are being hawked to be princesses and their parents are buying into it, thinking it healthy to indulge fantasies of becoming an anachronism.

Wurra, wurra, wurra.

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“Race”, Gendered Relations, and Sterling

What is really troubling about the whole Sterling affair is not his racism, which has been common knowledge for some time, but the gender relations that have not been discussed at all. Sterling’s racist rants were only made public by his former mistress when she found her back against the wall, put there by the lawsuit filed against her by Sterling’s wife. What kind of witch is she?

Mrs. Sterling is seeking to obtain more than a million American dollars from the mistress who seduced her husband, duped him into giving her millions in money and goods. Could such an arrogant bastard really be that easily convinced to part with a few of the dollars he has amassed from the labors and sufferings of others? No, I don’t think so.

Why isn’t Mrs. Sterling putting pressure in the proper place, on her beast of a husband? I’m sure she isn’t afraid of him. Is this typical behavior of a woman whose husband is an adulterer, to put the blame on the other woman? Surely, she’s done this because she won’t give up the lifestyle being married to such an anal orifice affords her. I can’t help feeling she’s a bit of a coward and as much of a bully and control freak as her husband. They were made for one another.

The mistress is, of course, wrong. She should never have made the decision to have anything to do with a married man. She was the one seduced by the money, gifts, and I suppose the prestige (?) of being Sterling’s other woman, of which I’m certain there have been many. However, none of these issues has been discussed in the media. The focus has been on “race” and race seems to mean only black. I have a problem with this.

There are, to my way of thinking, several ethnic groups represented in this menage. There are the players, who are Black and Anglo. There are the Sterlings, who are Jewish, which might mean Anglo with a cultural twist. There is the mistress, who is both Black and Latino. These are all cultural, or ethnic, groups. Race is about skin color, pure and simple. This is why news articles always write black with a lower case b. They are not talking about a cultural group, but about skin color. They then confuse the issue by capitalizing the misnomer African-American, a term that applies, rightly, to President Obama, but not to Blacks who defined themselves using the pan-African term Black in a show of global solidarity with all people of color, and a demonstration of self-definition and power in the 1960s.

A very big deal was made about denigration of others based on skin color. Nothing was made of the immoral, adulterous behavior of Sterling or his mistress. Nothing was made of the bullying, passive-aggressive behavior of Mrs. Sterling.

Why talk about any of it if all of the mess isn’t going to be addressed?

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I don’t want to get married

Now that the president has come out in favor of same-sex marriage, I wonder if I can get him to advocate for those of us who don’t want to get married, but would like to reap some of the benefits married couples enjoy.

I’d really like to stop being overtaxed.  Just because I’m single I have to pay more income tax than a married individual does.  Seems to me that’s preferential treatment for the married that disadvantages the single.

Next, I’d like to stop being stigmatized because of my lack of a ‘mate.’ Historically, women have been considered the property of men. Black women were simply property once upon a time. We could be bought, raped, sold at the whim of our owners. White women were little more than pampered chattel whose function was to produce a male heir. They had no property rights and could be beaten and otherwise abused by their husbands, and it was nobody’s business but the family’s.

The Xtian bible supports the notion of woman as property or, at the most, of less value than a man. Be submissive to your husband. Keep silent in the church. It supports the Madonna-Whore duality with a vengeance. Stay barefoot, pregnant, ignorant, and subservient seems to be the message coming from that source.

With this history in mind, I don’t want to be married. I want my singleness to be as respected as that of any man’s. I want the fiscal discrimination to stop. In this land of rugged individualism, I want my choice to be single to be viewed as just as viable and worthwhile as those who choose to be married.

Can I get a Amen, somebody?

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Prop 8 and Preventive Care

It boils down to your green. Is your green better than mine? Can your green buy you a different kind of justice or protection before the law?

Religious folks can do what they want, define gendered relations any way they see fit in their churches. There, they are tax exempt. However, when their funds commingle with those of the State, aye, there’s a sticky wicket.

So, as long as the State recognizes and regulates, in its way, family law, by requiring the purchase of a marriage license to place the union on record, Proposition 8 had to be found ridiculous as it pertains to forbidding same-sex couples to marry. We are, all of us, entitled to equal protection under the law. By extension, we are also entitled to equal service by that law. Gay people money can buy a license just the same as straight people money!

Similarly, if we are to have some version of universal health insurance or particular aspects of insurance all employers’ are expected to provide employees, contraception should be available no matter who your employer is, even if that employer is some religious organization. If a religious organization wishes to cease commingling funds with the State, they are welcome to claim exemption from the rule within the confines of their religious organization. As if a woman in need of an abortion or any other medical procedure wouldn’t seek it whether or not she had to go near or far.  The point is, women, no matter their religious beliefs or employers, shouldn’t have to face extra hurdles in accessing medical care. I was once employed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles and I have never been a Catholic.

Universal means universal and that is the kind of access I’d like to see available to everyone when talking about health care, not insurance, in America. Cuba has world class medicine, physicians, and physician training. Why don’t we?

That’s my rant, and I’m unanimous in that!