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The Madness Will Not End

1. Back to work in the District. Now I know just how unsafe it is to work for LAUSD. Totally unaware they receive threats regularly. 2. MGC/Beal Bank/D0venmuehle plan to sell my home again this Friday. 3. Subjected to questionable business practices by Westfield Law GroupĀ  in Encino, CA. Because of a Yelp review I wrote, I was contacted by the business owner, offered a refund, and requested to remove […]

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Banksters vs Hamilton: The Latest (Real/Real)

Filed complaints with Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, CA State Department of Business Oversight, and the young Consumer Financial Protection Bureau I also wrote to Senator Elizabeth Warren as I know her to be a consumer advocate and quite involved in the formation and operation of the CFPB. My representative from Consumer Affairs had to negotiate with MGC Mortgage, and it was not a pretty affair, but he gained […]

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My mother of blessed memory left 10 years ago. She had a mortgage loan with RBC Mortgage or some such. They had purchased the loan from Aames Home Loan when they went under. My mother’s death was reported to this first alphabet soup company, which was only concerned with who was going to pay the mortgage. My name was not on my mother’s loan. Instead of getting me to continue […]

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