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Thoughts on Sagging and other Negricidal Behaviors

Martin Luther King, Jr. said that the most dangerous element of society are those who feel they have no stake in the society, that they will unconsciously seek to destroy that society because they have nothing to lose. Russell Jacoby asserts that violence is more often perpetrated upon those with whom we are most familiar. With these thoughts in mind, it came to me that the imitation of prison garb […]

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Negricidal Behavior

After observing self-destructive behavior in people of different ethnicities, I recognize negricidal behavior is not limited to lower-income Blacks, but is visible in many people of the last couple of generations. It seems more noticeable to me in the former group because of their smaller numbers and high visibility in my immediate arena. I remain convinced that the at- large culture is  to blame for behavior that causes many people […]

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My dreamlife is back in full force.  I hadn’t dreamed in about 10 years, not dreams that I could remember.  Now they are back, in color, black and white, with sound and fury. Prior to going to grad school at IU, I had a rich dream life and felt so much better for it.  I didn’t have to purge the urge to kill because I could get it out in […]

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