Forced In

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Criminal Organizations

All, before 10:30

Someone called in a bomb threat on me. The Century Sheriffs responded, 3 cars X 6 deep, frisked and detained me in the back of the lone cruiser that remained when bomb was not found in the place the caller apparently said it would be. The Deputies were very efficient and not  violent at all. I was frisked thoroughly, but barely noticeably by the female deputy.  The deputies asked me […]

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Negricidal Behavior

After observing self-destructive behavior in people of different ethnicities, I recognize negricidal behavior is not limited to lower-income Blacks, but is visible in many people of the last couple of generations. It seems more noticeable to me in the former group because of their smaller numbers and high visibility in my immediate arena. I remain convinced that the at- large culture is  to blame for behavior that causes many people […]

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Securitas AlertLine Report

Securitas Report   Click the link above to visit my website to read about Securitas U S A and their shoddy treatment of employees. Since April, I have attempted to have allegations of nepotism and ethnic bias investigated by the company as they claim such actions are a violation of their company policies. Ethnic bias (racial discrimination) is against the law as is firing employees in retaliation for reporting discrimination.   […]

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