21 March 1997, Friday

To have a working-class orientation is to see the need for actually realizing/using/benefiting from labor. There should be some fruit borne of the tree tended.

Real labor involves materiality, tangibility. It implies a respect for material (empirical) result.

Get it – whatever it may be – by producing the wherewithal to acquire or gain it.

To be sure, there is a concern for quality, a respect for craft, an honoring of the care (time) expended to create/generate the fruit.

Quality Paving Stone Courtesy of Protech Construction and Safeco Insurance



All weekend, I binge watched stories of homelessness. Started again today, though I told myself that I had probably saturated my heart with emotions of anger, frustration, helplessness. How do we do this to one another? How do we watch this displacement going on all around us, and do nothing?

People cannot say they are unaware of what is happening. Many complain too much about homeless people cluttering up their streets/beaches/sidewalks/freeway underpasses/freeway overpasses/parks/across the street from City Hall/trains. The one homeless spot that truly impressed me was the one where a woman found her way into the bridge over which the commuter trains pass. It is hollow under the train’s throughway. How she managed to get what looked like a world of belongings into that long, curving hollow space, I’ll never know, but she did it and created a secure space for herself and her dog!

How long is this going to go on? Bloomberg is making advertisers rich while citizens live on the streets. Trump is the generator of poverty for the majority of us. People oughta vote right. The most impoverished support the Failure in Chief.

What a world.



Kent Stiles of Safeco and Vince Paglia of Protech have turned my life upside down. I don’t know where my DD-214 is located. For 38 years, I knew exactly where my DD-214 was located in my house, but because of property claim fraud I no longer know where my DD-214 is located on this property.

The majority of my household goods stand outside or are stuffed inside the narrow garage Paglia erected to replace my workshop and storage space. Paglia committed ‘hard fraud’ in that he destroyed undamaged structures. He also submitted a different set of plans to Public Works in order to get a rebuild permit that he misused to build this piece of junk structure that stands in place of my 1923 Rambler cottage, hand-built by Elmer Lambert, JW.

I have been unable to spin for 4 years now. This is getting very old.



Theoretical Construct


Race is a boundary.

Democracy depends on the consent of the losers.

The South was able to count 3/5 of the enslaved persons held as property for the purposes of apportionment.

By the start of the Civil War, the Northern states were populated by 19% of the foreign born, but by only 4% of that population of the South.

from Judith Butler

Nonviolence requires a critique of what counts as reality

who decides what counts as reality?

who decides what reality IS?

is reality static? the same for all?

who says?



Defending LBJ

Absence of theme of love in Black music

Emily of New Moon

Property Claim Fraud – What the Claims agents at Safeco Insurance have been practicing. Fraud characterized as hard to prove. There are reasons this is so. 1. Claims agents and contractors maintain a confidential relationship that excludes the consumer. 2. The fraud unwinds slowly over time. Stalling for time allows for certain paperwork to be destroyed. It also allows for the silencing of the consumer until it is too late. 3. The fraud is supported from the inside with the knowledge of the entire Claims department, and with the cooperation of the Presidential Service Team. Every inquiry loops back to the originator of the fraud in Claims; in this case, Kent Stiles. 4. Agents from the Department of Insurance participate in the fraud by not requiring the insurance company to respond in detail to requests for documents. As the regulatory agency, they concluded I needed legal assistance but found nothing unusual about the management of my claim.

Why should I need legal assistance to get someone other than the department that is ripping me off to look into the actions of the claims adjuster? Safeco didn’t need legal assistance to take my premiums.

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Selective Mutism

Sometimes, I simply have to be quiet because the sense of words and their effectiveness have left me.

I only think I am speaking words in languages that anyone with ears to hear could understand.

I have to stop talking to listen effectively. What I hear does not please me.

Sometimes, I have to stop talking to have the internal room to process all of the outside that bombards me.

When I stopped talking, I started making notes.