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I Need a Lifeline

Haven’t knitted a thing in days! Thought April would never end. Now, the day after May Day, International Workers Day, I must pick up my work in progress and add a lifeline as an afterthought because my Bird’s Eye Lace section is off.

A day without knitting is like a day without knitting, I tell you what. I don’t like having to do without. So many tasks to accomplish in April, but at the least my property taxes have been paid and should be lower the next time I have to pay them. Nothing is more sure than death and taxes.

Completed my interview with Pissed Consumer. That was difficult as it was hard to find a neutral background in this rectangular rat trap.

Spoke with Building and Safety and have to laugh every time I think of the excuse I was given for the CFO (Certificate of Occupancy) that was issued to Vince Paglia having an issue date of 21 September 2017 when the structure wasn’t given final approval for occupancy until 11 January 2018. CONSUMER ALERT A contractor submits the CFO to the insurance adjuster to receive payment. It is a form of proof of work completed. Vince Paglia had this document in February though the Permit Date on the CFO is March 2017. My home was demolished in February 2017, the month the first check was issued to Paglia. There is no itemized statement in my claim file to provide a breakdown of the payment and Kent Stiles will not provide the statements no matter how many times I request them.

I asked the representative from Building and Safety if it was usual to issue a CFO when there was no structure standing on the property and was told no, the issue date was a “typo”. In 30 April 2019, the CFO issue date of 21 September 2017 is damn near two years old. Helluva duration for a “typo”. If I’d never brought the discrepancy to anyone’s attention, that “typo” would be word.

It takes a long time to get over being gaslighted for a couple of years and then having to go through the grueling ordeal of uncovering the evidence, following clues to get a documentation trail established. Research and investigations is long, tedious, hard work.

A typo. Picture me laughing.

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In Compliance

According to the associate insurance compliance officer with the State of California Department of Insurance, Safeco Insurance has handled my claim in complete compliance with the Insurance Code and the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations. Therefore, the following is all perfectly legal.

It is in compliance with the Insurance Code to respond to a claim 19 days after it is reported.

It is in compliance to fail to provide repeatedly requested documents that supersede an engineering report upon which claim settlement was based.

It is in compliance to fail to provide repeatedly requested itemized statements that accompanied checks paid to the contractor that should be in the claim file.

It is in compliance to fail to provide documentation of a whole-house red tag, upon which the destruction of my home and undamaged workshop was based that should be in the claim file.

It is in compliance to fail to report the rebuilding of my home, to carry the claim as repair only, and to fail to report the changes to Underwriting.

It is in compliance to falsify documents like the statement that itemized more than $80K of goods and services that were not performed nor were installed at this site.

It is in compliance to ignore consumer’s repeated reports of malfeasance.

It is in compliance to fail to honor the fiduciary responsibility the insurance company owes the consumer.



On 6 March 2018, Kent Stiles paid Vince Paglia $80K+ for services not provided at this site, for materials not installed at this site. Over the course of this claim, Vince Paglia was paid with 7 checks. I have an itemized statement for only one check, the last one collected over my objections that the document was false. I requested the prior statements, but neither Stiles nor Paglia will provide them, opting to ignore me and my complaints and their blatant fraud.

Avoid Safeco Insurance and Protech Construction. I don’t know who is running this company that owes a fiduciary responsibility to clients, but anyone dealing with these companies should find alternatives as quickly as possible.


On Language Acquisition

My love affair with formal language acquisition began with my cousin who spoke Japanese as a result of having worked in Japan in the aftermath of the US occupation. He was an entertainer who sang in Japanese, a man of color in occupied Japan. Ever after, I’ve learned to speak, read, and write Japanese, though speaking leaves me when I have no one with whom to converse. I tried going to a Japanese-owned knitting shop and fitting in, practice the language related to another passion, but it was quickly obvious my presence was not wanted at all. That saddened me when I recalled the history of internment endured by Japanese Americans in this country. My honey brown was not welcome among the olives. Still, I love nihongo, the culture, the history of the Japanese people.

I always heard different languages because my mom worked in the garment industry in Downtown Los Angeles. People came from everywhere: Russia, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (then), Argentina, UK (then). Many eastern European Jews worked in the industry alongside Mexicans, Guatemalans, Japanese. I grew up among the singing of the machines, the steam rising from the presses, the hum of all that industry, but most of all among the songs of many tongues.

Back in the day, it was nothing to hear French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian in a film, song, radio production. I heard clear pronunciations of languages, learned how to read other languages through cartoons! What a richness were Looney Tunes for spreading cultures. De Ring des Nibelungen by Wagner for cripes’ sake! I digress.

I studied Spanish in junior high! Yeah, I said it. Profesor Castillo taught us to read and write Spanish, but he also conveyed his orgullo in the cultures of many Latinx peoples. I won an award for my facility and was feted at a local Mexican restaurant. Heady times!

Next, German in my first year of high school. I learned to sing in German with Lotte Lenya and the Little Sparrow, Edith Piaf, even though she was French. German is a very emotional language and drew some of the best to demonstrate this strength.

In undergraduate days, I learned Japanese for real. That was so much fun. I was so proud of myself for mastering, at the beginning level, the intricacies of hiragana and katakana. Little works of art to a person who thought she couldn’t draw until an artist taught me how to see.

In my dotage, I have come back to Yiddish. I missed hearing it, missed the rituals associated with it, missed the cultural observations and habits of the people. You know, I know my way around a kosher kitchen. I love the mama loche.