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12-Play Got Me Through India

1997, Bangalore Airport, Midnight. I’m a woman, an American, and I don’t speak Hindi. My introduction to the subcontinent of India was not pretty nor pleasant. Seeking an experience, I accepted a ticket and accommodations for 4 months in exchange for legal assistance/nanny duties from a law professor and his 4 children. Over my tenure, I traveled the literal length and breadth of India. I started in Bangalore, Delhi, Mysore, […]

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Remember Ernie Borgnine? When I saw him in Marty, I fell in love with irregular-looking men. I thought he was a handsome man, loved his arms, his barrel chest. Now, most men have barrel bellies, but bitd (back in the day) Ernie B introduced me to that high, broad round chest, linked to those beefy arms. He was born to play a butcher. Also when I discovered that men could […]

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I’ve Been Robbed!

When Vince Paglia, president of Protech Construction, and Nichole/Nahal Mazandarani, a senior adjuster at Safeco Insurance, came to my home to discuss the timetable of repairs, I thought they had been sent to repair the damages to my bedroom, caused by a tree limb falling on my house on Earth Day, 2016. It took Safeco 19 days to respond to my claim that I entered 15 minutes after it happened. […]

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Premium Time

Every time I have to pay my Safeco premium, I feel nausea. Why do I continue to pay them? Kent Stiles reported the cause of my claim as water damage to the powers that be that get to know you have made a homeowner’s claim. Because of your claim, just like when you make an auto claim, your rates go up. But, depending on the degree of liability, rates can […]

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So, it’s like, my insurance company ripped me off. I contacted two CEOs about it, and the issue just loops right back around to the criminals perpetratin’ the fraud. At first, I was disappointed. Now, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! Olivia Casarez is a representative of the Presidential Service Team who openly mocked me as I was trying to get what was […]

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I should be thankful because I am not out of doors, but I am not because my insurance company, Safeco Insurance, and her preferred contractor, Protech Construction, left me and my family in a house that I am certain needs to be torn down. This house is 8 square feet smaller than my home. My property taxes have tripled, but this house is worth $30K less than my home. All […]

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