I Miss the Theatre

All the drama of the day and none of it good theatre.

Good theatre is the high school ensemble production of The Crucible, in which I played Tituba to Billy Dafoe’s Sheriff. Billy was always serious about acting. He taught me how to moon.

I recently saw him in The Lighthouse. That was theatre, weird theatre. Total Billy. Glad I had the opportunity to work and play with him before he became Willem Dafoe. Good guy.

Watching Homecoming on Prime because I saw Janelle Monáe. She gives good theatre, so I’m in.

Eid Mubarak, people! May you receive and recognize guidance!


Cabrona Corona

26 million out of work. Heluva hoax. Inject disinfectant? There’s the hoax. Our children are unfamiliar with maps, is it, and history. Wonder why.

We have inadequate leadership. We need testing. We need widespread testing yesterday. There is too much we don’t know about this virus.

The only thing I like about Georgia is that whitebearded interpreter working behind the governor. I do like to watch pretty. Don’t you? Since when does public outcry and business concern trump public health? Where is the leadership?

I woke up out of undergrad, discovered we were in debt to China, a Communist nation. How could that be? Ah, progress. We dropped bombs on the Japanese and are now {?} allies, so I suppose anything is possible politically. Still, I didn’t like knowing all that red scare rhetoric was proving to be nothing more than propaganda.

Now, deep into retirement, I learn the America I volunteered my time to defend, no longer maintains stockpiles of necessary materiel. Who’d a thunk it? What the everloving hell? Just in time does not work for everything, especially not pandemic, especially not health. Everything is not a commodity.

I thank the ancestors for giving me a mother who taught me to read and crochet and a librarian who taught me to knit. One needs productive distraction in times such as these. Speaking of which, Ramadan Mubarak! Thirty days to think about many things; those who must do without through no fault of their own, one’s self-improvement, the tidying of one’s inner and outer environments. One can read the entire Qur’an during the time of Ramadan, and the daily portion is conveniently marked.

I am consciously trying to stop biting my fingernails.

Be well, my friends.