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I should be thankful because I am not out of doors, but I am not because my insurance company, Safeco Insurance, and her preferred contractor, Protech Construction, left me and my family in a house that I am certain needs to be torn down. This house is 8 square feet smaller than my home. My property taxes have tripled, but this house is worth $30K less than my home. All […]

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“Is you my sistah?” (wt)

Houston, 1958 The ride from Houston was long, but at least the bus was air-conditioned. The ride gave him time to think about what he was leaving behind: an empty house, his belongings left sitting in the middle of the floor of the shell that had been his home with his wife and baby daughter, Barbara. Pitiful looking, that small box of his things. He’d borrowed a suitcase from a […]

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Caught on to the Mad Movida that is Fraud and Grand Theft by Safeco Insurance and Protech Construction

One of the crimes commited here is conspiracy to commit fraud. Then, there is the grand theft. Corruption of government inspectors may be involved as no building permits exist and code violations continue in effect. From the time Kent Stiles took over the handling of this claim from Trevor Haaswyk, the intention was to defraud, plunder the claim for as much money as possible. I am so sure I am […]

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The independent inspector submitted a report to Safeco that was over 23 pages long. They came back with their position that I was only owed $6500 and that I could probably get that money from Protech if I signed a release. No mention of the missing warranties. No mention of the fact that there are code violations that Protech is responsible for creating. No noting of the fact that I […]

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Now, I Am Believed

Well, well. As Safeco hired the Independent Inspector, I expect to never see his report. When he presented himself here, he seemed fair and even-handed, I might even say fair-dealing emanated from him. I must be radiating some sort of freneticism because all men wind up talking to my son. I think they hear me, but they talk to him. At first I rather despised this male habit, but once […]

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Finally, An Independent Inspector

After six months of wrangling with Safeco Senior Claims Resolution Specialist Kent Stiles,  whom I fired one month ago, enduring his continued attempts to humiliate and abuse me, his attempt to go through the back door of Innovations Properties to get me hooked up with the contractor network that I thought I was already a part of, an independent cost consultant was called in. Stiles did not want him to […]

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