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Incredulous and scandalized by the state of America.

    I Don’t See Color

    Here’s a phrase that sincerely chaps my ass. What if the police ask you to describe me? Whachugonsay? Discovered my disgust with this statement after getting into a discussion about who can and can’t say nigger. We concluded with the thought that anyone can say anything (conditional) because this is a country that constitutionally guarantees freedom of speech. I added that saying anything means being ready and able to take […]

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    Of Engineering Reports and COs

    The first adjuster who worked my claim requested an engineering report to better assess the damage than the appraiser who came out to make the initial assessment. It was the appraiser who recommended an engineer come and take a look because there might be hidden damage that he was not able to check. The engineering report, May 2016, concluded that what was needed was about $48K of repair as the […]

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    BBB Won’t Print My Complaint

    I wrote a short description of my experience and requested being made whole, but the BBB wouldn’t print it, citing it being beyond their scope. In other words, I described criminal activity, so they won’t touch it. I can write a review and warning, so I guess I’ll do that.

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    12-Play Got Me Through India

    1997, Bangalore Airport, Midnight. I’m a woman, an American, and I don’t speak Hindi. My introduction to the subcontinent of India was not pretty nor pleasant. Seeking an experience, I accepted a ticket and accommodations for 4 months in exchange for legal assistance/nanny duties from a law professor and his 4 children. Over my tenure, I traveled the literal length and breadth of India. I started in Bangalore, Delhi, Mysore, […]

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    Remember Ernie Borgnine? When I saw him in Marty, I fell in love with irregular-looking men. I thought he was a handsome man, loved his arms, his barrel chest. Now, most men have barrel bellies, but bitd (back in the day) Ernie B introduced me to that high, broad round chest, linked to those beefy arms. He was born to play a butcher. Also when I discovered that men could […]

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    I’ve Been Robbed!

    When Vince Paglia, president of Protech Construction, and Nichole/Nahal Mazandarani, a senior adjuster at Safeco Insurance, came to my home to discuss the timetable of repairs, I thought they had been sent to repair the damages to my bedroom, caused by a tree limb falling on my house on Earth Day, 2016. It took Safeco 19 days to respond to my claim that I entered 15 minutes after it happened. […]

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    Trevor Haaswyk

    Trevor Haaswyk was the Safeco adjuster who responded to my claim 19 days after I logged it. He sent an engineer here to assess the damage. Donan’s engineer’s report said there was no structural damage to my storage unit, nor was there any damage to any other part of the house, save the bedroom. Proof, I did not imagine Trevor Haaswyk. Proof, Kent Stiles and Vince Paglia conspired to defraud […]

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