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Social Media Reveals Just How Spoiled Americans Happen to Be

Finally gave up on Twitter. I don’t want to feel uncharitable, but the whiny bunch has fair gotten on my last nerve with their whinging about wipes, hoarding toilet paper, frantic because they can’t find those hideous disposable diapers, and being photographed without makeup. Fatuous.

Twitter is the platform of the Hate Yam. That alone is reason enough to leave. He says some of the most hideous things and never once has had his account suspended. They constantly retweet his horrible behaviors and words, all in the name of complaining.

Then, there is the whole Vote Blue No Matter Who fascism. I wouldn’t vote for the Hate Yam, a thing credibly accused of sexual misconduct on many fronts. I wouldn’t vote for Biden because of his record and because he, too, has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct. We need a better choice of candidates. We need a system that consists of more than two parties. It only takes one party, as we see, to make the system dysfunctional.

The government signed our debt warrants the other day. This is the third bill passed. The National Debt is $25T and climbing.

I call bullshit.

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A Good Day

I found the new Phryne Fisher movie on AcornTV through Prime Video. I confess a great fondness for the adventures of Phryne and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Phryne has a very healthy sexual appetite, uses a diaphragm, flies a plane, is polyglot, dances tango, has a diverse set of friends, and always looks like she just stepped out of a band box even after being pulled from quicksand! I adore Phryne. I can watch her for no additional charge for 30 days. I’m going to enjoy myself some more for my birthday.

Birthdays are to be celebrated for an entire month. They should be danced in and danced out, as with death. There must always be dancing.

Reading a most hideous book by Willie Faulkner, who was a dark and dirty guy! Jeez, Sanctuary is a wreck of a story. Good competition for reality.

Got some beautiful cotton yarn today. I imagined I’d make myself a blanket, but maybe a dress or skirt.

Actually had a really positive time on Twitter. Lots of fun watching people think Patrick of TX should fuck off or lead the way to the gas chambers because he thinks seniors, grandparents should be willing to die for the Dow. What a putz.

Then, there’s the Hate Yam and his ill-advised and ill-considered desire to get the economy rolling again. He cares not a whit for anyone, ya know it? He seems to be running scared. I want to see the showdown between him and the States if he tries to override the lockdowns to send people back to work, vulnerable to the virus.

Have you seen what has to be done to try and treat the pneumonia that results from the virus infiltrating the lungs? Haven’t worked in hospital in a long time, so I was fascinated with the gear that looks like a bubble, placed over the head of the patient, pumped with O2, to attempt to equalize the pressure in the lungs. I read something that said just before things really go south, patients bring up a pink froth or foam. That’s bubbling up from the infiltrated lungs. Next comes high fever, then unconsciousness. I couldn’t unsee that post, though I tried.

The day started off particularly well when I saw people proposing a general strike if the Hate Yam wanted to send people back to work against the advice of public health medical professionals. He must be unfamiliar with the 1918 Spanish Flu. That spread because people refused to follow admonitions from public health officials to not gather in crowds. The people had a parade to welcome the returning soldiers home. The rest is history.

I found I, Claudius on AcornTV. This is my last bit of advertising. I love I, Claudius as much, or more, than I do Phryne, but for different reasons. I don’t watch much television because I can’t stand the commercials. Always selling crazy sounding drugs for ailments they try to convince you you have. Ridiculous. But there are movies and documentaries, theatrical productions, and music that I can access through a tv, and I’m grateful for the entertainment and company sans commercials.

A little reading, a little social media, a little creative craft planning, new yarn, and I am well.

Thanks for reading. Hope you had a good day, too.

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SHUNNING in the Name of Public Health

It is my fervent belief that the Hate Yam needs shunned. He should not be heard. He should not be seen. He should be paid no attention because he is an incompetent.

The Hate Yam needs shunned. He lies. He lies. He lies. He lies. He lies. He lies. He lies.

The Hate Yam needs shunned. He is endangering all our lives. He is profiteering on our collective catastrophe.

The Hate Yam has no medical knowledge. Neither does that eyed potato that is his second and leading a task force on COVID19. He is the worst representative of the elites, but elite he is. Why is the Hate Yam not funding the acquisition and distribution of necessary medical supplies out of his boundless wealth? Why is he not temporarily nationalizing whatever industry we have left to generate the ventilators and other medical supplies we desperately need?

The Hate Yam should have been 25thed a while ago. He should never have gotten into office. He should be shunned and we need to let the PIC (people in charge) know that we are shunning him because we have no confidence in his sanity, his word, because of his failure to act for the benefit of the public health of the American people.


As a Customer, This Is Not My Order

The other day the Hate Yam referred to American citizens as customers. Pence referred to himself as a layman, so why is heading a task force related to medicine? So many people are taking medical advice from the Hate Yam’s tweets. I feel pity for those who support this administration because they have been misled.

Am I the only one to be disturbed by the so-called president referring to voters as customers? I do not like the treatment I have received as a customer. Customers are disrespected, taken for granted. We are the ones producing more than 70% of GDP in this dancerie. We are the reason the economy was humming, ’cause we were buying, expressing confidence in the economy if not the administration.

If I could, as a customer, I’d send this order, this social order, right back to the cook. I cannot believe how botched the Administration’s response is to a PANDEMIC. That was the only word I needed to hear. The Administration knew about this virus months ago. What we have here is the result of taking an entrepreneurial approach to a PANDEMIC.

Whose brilliant idea was this entrepreneurial approach? Another layman: Jared, the self-hating Jew, Kushner. Why didn’t the entrepreneurs have our medical supplies up and over strength?

We lack preparation. We lack discipline. We are going to reap the whirlwind.


I'm Not Ridin' With Biden

Maybe I’m a single issue voter on this one, but Biden supports the status quo and I can’t vote for that.

Biden was VP to the plan that implemented a mandatory purchase of health insurance or be fined for noncompliance. No one will say it, but the ACA was a gift to insurance companies, and I can’t vote for more of that.

True, that mandatory charge was lifted, and Trump and the Gang are steadily trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act since somehow getting into office without offering a viable alternative to cover all of the American people. Biden is down with maintaining private insurance and tinkering with ACA until it serves … I don’t know who. I can’t vote for more of that.

Trump refers to us as customers. We are not citizens. We are not Americans. We are not patriots. We are customers. This pandemic needs a entrepreneurial approach taken according to self-hating Kushner. Capitalism and the free market economy must take precedence in our considerations. This is how to best serve the needs of the customer.

Save us all from capitalism and it’s “free” markets. I don’t like the fact that the market governs my healthcare. The free markets have put us all out of work in the blink of an eye because free markets can’t stand up to a microbe.

Mnuchin stands there, talking about sending $1000 to everyone. Yeah, right. That man presided over more foreclosures than all who have died in the current pandemic. Kamala Harris had a chance to put the kibosh on him … and let him go. I hope Biden selects her as his running mate. Remember that sucking sound Perot used to tell us about?

I ain’t ridin’ with Biden. He keeps bad company. He holds policy ideas I cannot back. I appreciated Bernie’s invitation to #StatusQuoJoe to join him. Biden could have chosen to meet him in the middle, but he didn’t do that. He stuck solidly to his conservative liberal stance. I can’t vote for more of that.



There oughta be a class in what to do and what to look out for when one finds oneself in an insurance claims process. Consumers are not protected. Money has corrupted the system. Lack of external oversight encourages corruption in insurance agents and those with whom they have confidential relationships, the contractors.


No Confidence

I have no confidence in the words or deeds coming out of the White House. Pence is not doctor. HIV infections rose alarmingly in Indiana under his ‘leadership’. How are we supposed to feel safe when we suddenly have 60 cases of COVID19, when yesterday there were none?