2 thoughts on “Crumble Cult Philosophy (Postcard Set #1)

  1. Thank You for still keeping up your Blog. I, myself, a really old man living alone in Alaska, enjoy reading them….I have many things to say but then I thought if everybody’s talking, then who is listening? So I just keep my thought to myself….Pretty soon I will be on that boat on the river Styx, so I will find out if what J. Krishnamurti said “That Life and Death are two sides of the same coin”, are true. “It’s the man afraid of dying, that never learns to live.” Janis Joplin……I have recently gone 100 % deaf, so a lonely world is really lonely now, all I have left is this internet for communication…..What I miss the most is the enjoyment I found in music, I really miss Music……Oh Well! Here today-gone tomorrow…..Have a Nice Day! Old man George ________________________________

    1. I know I said I wouldn’t do this again, but here goes: Georgy Porgy! Don’t you get on that boat just yet. You have music in you. You can feel the beat. If you feel the beat, you can improvise the rest. Say all that you have to say. I’m listening and have missed you. Please, keep speaking and don’t think you are alone. If I could get there, I’d keep you busy drumming so I can dance. I envision you surrounded by a field of white, shimmery snow. Tell me how it is. Relocate the beat, my friend. Hoping to hear from you soon, VJ.

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