Cardboard weaving ideas

Make something! You will feel good.

I love to constantly find different materials at home to weave mini woven pieces, because they allow me to reuse materials that have been around loose or stored for years, abandoned in a drawer, such as cardboard, old notebooks, wool scraps, wood scraps, etc.

But what I like most about these little discoveries is the range of possibilities that arise before me.

I’m serious! When you discover that you can weave on almost anything is when creativity really takes off, when you connect dots from completely different areas of your life and truly innovative creations appear.

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 10.20.35

The project is precisely that, that you reuse what is out there in disuse, but especially that you are able to reinvent it.

I assure you that from this point of view, the possibilities are not only infinite, but also unexpected!

So I invite you to give it a twist, forget for a while…

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