Calling All Crocheters!

Have you ever made something and then could not remember how you started it? I am having that problem right now with an entrelac blanket, made on the diagonal. This is not corner to corner, but entrelac worked on the bias to eliminate angles and ends. I hate weaving in ends.

I noted the instruction for how to start this type of entrelac or tunisian crochet project in a course I used to own, purchased from orginal It was one sentence long and provided the instructions for starting the blanket from the corner and working it diagonally, growing it both length and widthwise.

Now Craftsy went bust and reanimated as Bluprint. There was a whole lot of rigamarole on that site to get you to join, purchase membership. The classes and patterns purchased from original Craftsy could be viewed on this platform without having to purchase membership in Bluprint. Well, Bluprint died and Craftsy has been reanimated except all my courses and patterns have disappeared and no matter what, new Craftsy isn’t giving them back to me. What have we learned? You don’t own anything that is virtual. It can be taken from you in the blink of an eye and you are left missing that one sentence that could end your memory misery so you can start another bias entrelac blanket.

Anybody out there know how to start an entrelac piece to be made on the bias? Usually, entrelac can be started from the center or from a corner, but the corner method requires cutting and changing yarn, creating those pesky ends I detest having to weave in.

Anybody, help me out, please. And stay away from Craftsy.

8 thoughts on “Calling All Crocheters!

      1. I appreciate your help. It is a good thing. I have made one covering with this technique, but can’t seem to recall how it started. It is simple stitch Tunisian, but worked on the diagonal. I will post a picture of it with my next post. Thanks so much for responding!

    1. Just a follow up. None of these gives the answer I seek. I can’t believe that I cannot remember what it is I need to do at the very beginning to work this pattern on the diagonal. I found the instruction in what appeared to be a throwaway line in directions for how to make a traditional TSS afghan. Working the TSS on the diagonal produces straight edges and there are no ends to weave in unless you make color changes. Thanks for trying!

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