Do You Smell That?


Is it only me, or does it seem odd that there is no concern whatsoever for the millions of people attempting to survive this pandemic? Millions face eviction, no matter what the Oval Office Occupier writes up in executive orders or manages the CDC to execute. Millions are hungry. Millions are afraid.

Do you feel that no one really cares?

Democrat, Republican. Same. Elites playing with our lives. None seem trustworthy. Their talk is always about money. Fundraising. From where is all this money coming? Where are the funds for needed protective equipment for our first responders? Why are doctors, nurses, auxiliary medical personnel being fired? Why are hospitals closing? Why aren’t the funds being used to support necessary social services instead of propping up dead weight for an election? Millions are in debt. Surely, they didn’t help raise all this money the parties continually wave in our faces as some sort of sign of success.

Did I hear correctly that the Pentagon misused CARES funds that were supposed to support COVID services?

Where is the support for the drylongso? In the grave, I suspect. Why else are there more than 200,000 dead of COVID and related biological assaults?

I didn’t choose Biden to be the Democrat nominee. I definitely can’t support Harris; I remember her record. Biden was chosen for the voters by the DNC, a private company that can do as it chooses. I remember his record, too. He’s been at this political racket for about 50 years. I never understood why Obama chose him as a running mate. Surely, he was aware of his record.

Liberals, neoliberals, conservatives, ultraconservatives. Labels that mask the basic greed and predatory behavior of elites, all playing the same game: gut the working poor, gut the workers, gut those who are not us.

Corruption stinks. Can you smell it, Beloved? Why is there no relief for those most in need? Why is there no national plan to help us survive COVID with as few casualties as possible? It feels like the “leadership” wants to kill as many voters off as possible. Those that can’t be killed off will have their ability to vote suppressed.

Our futures are being destroyed. The futures of our youngest are being destroyed. The futures of the unborn so many are concerned about are being destroyed. The future of our planet is being destroyed. Corruption by elites is destroying everything.

Corruption and greed is on the air. Can you smell it?

Go well, Beloved. Go as well as you can.

17 thoughts on “Do You Smell That?

      1. Shame? There is no shame. Nor conscience, nor morality, not any of the controls that once stayed awful social behavior. I think shame died with privacy and introspection. I confess to being quite despairing today. Here is hope for a better tomorrow.

      2. Despair should never stand in the way of truth, don’t apologize for how you feel, but I hope tomorrow brings better days.
        You take care of yourself best way you can.

      3. Hey my friend, old man alaska george here, thank you for the like on my last post…..Have been busy trying to get my old log house shored up and sealed for the onset of another long winter…..Like I said before “You Go Girl!” Maybe you would like Caitlyn Johnstone’s posts, she thinks a lot like you, I have been reading her for a few years now, very astute Lady from Australia…..I have said many times that the real deadly disease we have to find a cure for (If there is such a thing) is Greed & the Lust for Power. This is the root of all earth’s problems. Greed easily captures the petty minded, look at the lust for Gold, ripping the Earth apart for more of it when the governments of the world are hoarding many hundreds of tons of it in their vaults. The miners have to crush one ton of ore into dust and lace it with poison to extract 1/6 of an ounce of it, and then the poisoned tailings dams have to last forever, yet they are held in by dirt dams (See Brazil, tailings dams collapse). Yet Gold is an Inert Metal, useless for anything but pretty Jewelry and electrical contacts. All that gold in the vaults will still be sitting there when the race of man has gone extinct….How stupid is that? Well, please keep writing so I have something Meaningful to read……Love You, alaskamanspeaks…..

  1. Wow, George. Thanks ever so for telling me about Caitlin Johnstone. Powerful and timely. I have been driving myself a wee bit nuts, thinking about why people are so hateful and without care and consideration for others. Especially those elected to serve the people. Greed and power lust must be overcome, but the elites are not the only ones causing harm. The people are beginning to feed on one another. Cruelty for no reason is rising daily. The need to do harm to somebody, anybody, rises with the sense of powerlessness and frustration. How dare the politicians go out on another break without providing relief to the people…in a pandemic??? I am aghast at their callousness and their performances. They seem to be providing models of how to self-destruct and some of the people are being sucked into these models because they despair of ever doing any better.

    You keep writing, and drumming. I hear you, Beloved.

    1. My dear friend, how nice to hear your response, I am sure a lucky old man to have found such wonderful, intelligent people to communicate with…..I will tell you that Magic is running wild in this world when people take that moment out of their daily lives to let it in, one’s whole life can change in an instant…..To me, everyday I wake up^ and find I am still breathing and have another wonderful day to live, man, that is Magic! I go to my window and look out West across the Cook Inlet and view Mt. Illiama fifty miles away, and say “Thank You Great Spirit for another day of Life! Everything just flows along like a mountain stream, rolling down to the sea. All I need is here, now…..I find that the more I give the more I have to give. I donate a couple of hundred dollars to my local food pantry, and here comes one of my neighbors with a Home Cooked Meal for me. Maybe people would be doing better if they would remember to step outside and watch that Sun’s Set and thank it for gifting us with Light, & Warmth, and making those flowers reach up to touch that beloved light…..I am so blessed, it makes my Heart Sing……Take care of Yourself, despite all the B-S–t, it is still a wonderful world to be alive in……God Bless……

      1. Indeed. I am most grateful to still be able to dance, cook, pet the cat, sing a simple song, read, laugh out loud, and think straight. Life is a gift. I try to live it abundantly. Peace and joy!

    2. Hi, Ms. Displaced. I liked your reply to my comments…..I have taken the liberty of changing Republicans to Repugnants, and Democrats to Demon-crats…..They are all the same and follow the same rule: “Feather your own nest” When will humans learn that peace comes when we all treat All Men, Women and Children as EQUALS. No one above or below another. Well Sister mine, I have hit the big old 75 years, 3/4 of a century of life. Glad you liked Ms. Caitlyn Johnstone……Now you need to find a copy of the book, “The Experience, A Celebration Of Being.” By Sirio Esteve, Random House 1974. It is available at many used book stores for as little as .10 cents + 3.99 shipping. Reading that book completely changed my life for the better. It is not a long book and it is an easy read, the chapter on Slavery was a real eye opener for me……Let me know if you get it and what you think about it. I have given away at least 40 copies of it to people…..I am hoping for peace on Earth, before I pass away……Regards, George

      1. I will look for the book, but presently on a Pearl S Buck roll. She is educating me about the relationship between woman and man through a comparison of Chinese and American sex relationships. She talks of old China, before communism, and old America, influenced by the pioneer spirit that saw us use independence and rational thinking to carve out the frontier. Fascinating mind had Pearl S. Buck.

  2. Actually, I have been wondering about similar things. Especially after the debates, it feels like they just swept the pandemic and its repercussions under the rug or something

  3. Great post! I couldn’t agree with you more. Our futures and lives are being obliterated by these devils as they’re trying to usher in the NWO, which is only another idiom for world wide oppression of the little people. Thank you so much for speaking out about this and bringing it to light. More people need to wake up to this.

    1. We must begin to recognize the systems of oppression that keep us divided, increasingly atomized. We must educate ourselves and others. We must stop working against ourselves.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. See it for what it is and teach our children the values they need to see through the deception and push back against it when they’re older.

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