I no longer trust my government leaders. There is no one looking out for the “little guy” at all. There is no one looking out for this country in a time of pandemic.

Binary relationships are inherently weak because it only takes one to withdraw and cause the edifice to topple. Think conventional marriage and the extremely high divorce rate. Our binary party politics are useless for the little guy. Bunches of rich people are not interested in the issues of the little guy. Their interest is their own pockets which they will continue to line with the blood, bone, and sinew of the working-classes, the little guys.

Our government needs overhaul. Why, in the time of pandemic, are the people being made to suffer? Eviction, hunger, illness, debt, death in a pandemic. Didn’t anybody read The Plague?

Go back to work, in a pandemic. Send your children to school, in a pandemic. Recognize the coercion. Fed unemployment benefits cut off to force people back to work. Small businesses, the backbone of the economy along with our 70% consumer spending rate, are dying, dead, many unlikely to come back.

Freedom and rights are challenged by requirements to wear masks?

Where am I living? THIS is America? What a dump.

2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. My dear friend “Displaced”, all of what you said is true and sad indeed. Yet my faith remains strong, because I put my Faith in the People, not in the Government. Where I live my neighbors look out for each other, when someone needs help it is right there. We all look after each other. My neighbors kept me alive when my Love of 30 + years passed on, I was suicidal, they came and talked me out of it, brought me hot meals, checked in on me every day. They restored my will to live. Here we all support our Volunteer Fire Departments, our Food Pantries, Our Haven Houses, our Hospice, and other things……It is not perfect by any means, but people helping people is the only way we will make it in this strange old world. I,personally do not listen to any of that negative crap, that is why I threw the T.V. in the trash years ago, that gave me the time to pay attention to what is going on around me, the real world…..By the way did you ever get a copy of that book I recommended to you; “The Experience, A Celebration Of Being.” By Sirio Esteve? That is kind of my Bible…..Keep Faith, and look after your neighbors…..George ________________________________

    1. Dear George,
      You are going to live a long time. I was thinking about you real hard when I heard COVID had reached the indigenous people of Alaska. That place is so spread out, I didn’t think it was possible for it to reach that far out, but we should never underestimate this virus, about which we know next to nada.
      It is wonderful that you all look out for one another. Wish I could say the same for life down here, but we are a very atomized group, here in the urban maw. Everyone sticks to themselves. Most people have such large extended families that they don’t need to associate with others. Then, there are all the ethnic and racial divisions that keep people separated. This, too, is a major disappointment for me.
      I have moments when I do not watch television because I recognize propaganda when I see and hear it. I spend a lot of time on YouTube because I can curate my viewing. I don’t have to see anything I don’t want to see. I’ve been immersing myself in music and dancing my blues away. I’ve listened to the Spoon Lady, players of the oud, kora, and all the brass I can find. Also watch old films, like The Little Foxes with Bette Davis (I love her!) and the Barefoot Contessa with Ava Gardner (she was a pistol!). For contrast, I didn’t waste my time watching the DNC because that would have been a complete waste of my time.
      I haven’t gotten that book, but will look it out. I’m really quite in love with life and being; that’s why I dance. Not so sure about my love of most human beings, though. They are becoming exceptional at being disappointing. Yet, you give me reason to hope.
      Keep drumming, my friend.

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