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  1. Plus Gifted50 is one of my fans, she is a nurse in Huston, Texas, one nice lady! This 75 year old White Man feels blessed to have two Soul Sisters in touch with me, I have a simple rule I live by; I just treat all men and women as Equals, that is all it takes. Just today a friend made a drive of 50 miles to bring me some home-made meat-loaf to eat. Is this Earth a great place to live when we share with each other? I do not have much, but I am a rich man in that I have such good friends and neighbors, we make it by sharing whatever we have to give. It did my heart good to see all those white people marching with the Brothers and Sisters, demanding Justice, it is about time when we all decide to stand together. Let us together work to kill the monster “GREED”…..

  2. I really like your posts, what a nice lady you are! Thank you for recommending one of my posts, It is really good to hear from a person with the ability to think for Herself! Keep up^ the good work. You got yourself a fan here….

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