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A Good Day

I found the new Phryne Fisher movie on AcornTV through Prime Video. I confess a great fondness for the adventures of Phryne and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Phryne has a very healthy sexual appetite, uses a diaphragm, flies a plane, is polyglot, dances tango, has a diverse set of friends, and always looks like she just stepped out of a band box even after being pulled from quicksand! I adore Phryne. I can watch her for no additional charge for 30 days. I’m going to enjoy myself some more for my birthday.

Birthdays are to be celebrated for an entire month. They should be danced in and danced out, as with death. There must always be dancing.

Reading a most hideous book by Willie Faulkner, who was a dark and dirty guy! Jeez, Sanctuary is a wreck of a story. Good competition for reality.

Got some beautiful cotton yarn today. I imagined I’d make myself a blanket, but maybe a dress or skirt.

Actually had a really positive time on Twitter. Lots of fun watching people think Patrick of TX should fuck off or lead the way to the gas chambers because he thinks seniors, grandparents should be willing to die for the Dow. What a putz.

Then, there’s the Hate Yam and his ill-advised and ill-considered desire to get the economy rolling again. He cares not a whit for anyone, ya know it? He seems to be running scared. I want to see the showdown between him and the States if he tries to override the lockdowns to send people back to work, vulnerable to the virus.

Have you seen what has to be done to try and treat the pneumonia that results from the virus infiltrating the lungs? Haven’t worked in hospital in a long time, so I was fascinated with the gear that looks like a bubble, placed over the head of the patient, pumped with O2, to attempt to equalize the pressure in the lungs. I read something that said just before things really go south, patients bring up a pink froth or foam. That’s bubbling up from the infiltrated lungs. Next comes high fever, then unconsciousness. I couldn’t unsee that post, though I tried.

The day started off particularly well when I saw people proposing a general strike if the Hate Yam wanted to send people back to work against the advice of public health medical professionals. He must be unfamiliar with the 1918 Spanish Flu. That spread because people refused to follow admonitions from public health officials to not gather in crowds. The people had a parade to welcome the returning soldiers home. The rest is history.

I found I, Claudius on AcornTV. This is my last bit of advertising. I love I, Claudius as much, or more, than I do Phryne, but for different reasons. I don’t watch much television because I can’t stand the commercials. Always selling crazy sounding drugs for ailments they try to convince you you have. Ridiculous. But there are movies and documentaries, theatrical productions, and music that I can access through a tv, and I’m grateful for the entertainment and company sans commercials.

A little reading, a little social media, a little creative craft planning, new yarn, and I am well.

Thanks for reading. Hope you had a good day, too.

7 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. I don’t know Phryne Fisher but I think I need to get to know her. And yes, Patrick, speak for yourself. Hell no, I’m not dying for the economy. Been borrowing e-books form the library like crazy. That speed reading course is getting real practice. Tried to read Camus, and he just made me feel stupid. Just a bunch of words. May the health be with you.

    1. And also with you! Miss Fisher is available on some PBS and just found her on AcornTV. I do have Prime and got a 30 day free trial of Acorn. If I decide to keep it, it is $5 a month. This is a much better deal than if I went to Acorn directly; they only give a 7 day trial and the channel costs more per month.

      You can also find Ms Phryne for free through Hoopla. Hoopla can be accessed by anyone with a library card. I would advise accessing her stories this way as you are already an e-book borrower. Plus, Hoopla has audiobooks, music, and much more.

      Camus is not to be speed read else he is just a bunch of words. Camus is to be savored and reflected upon when you’re in the mood for something heavy. I’m reading Hughes, the Simple Stories, because I want a laugh. Also reading a Malayan story, The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds. Camus is a little too deep for the times for me. He wrote The Plague, ya know, a novel about an epidemic in the Algerian city of Oran. It is about the spread of the bubonic plague.

      Look for Miss Fisher. She is always dressed to the nines. I admit, I started watching for the fashion and set design, but got caught up in the adventure and the sexual tension between Phryne and Jack. That tension is resolved in the new film Crypt of Tears. There are three seasons of Miss Fisher available in many places. Do catch her adventures if you can. They are quite rewarding.

      1. I’ll find Ms. Phryne somewhere. I returned Camus and decided I’d buy the book to concentrate on it. I guess I’m to be entertained now by lighter fare. I read an article about The Plague and Camus’ daughter who handles his legacy. That book has become more popular now.

    1. Spring thaws, roses bloom, birds sing in the clear, bright air. Suddenly, silence. Hear your heart beat.

      Only three weeks ago, a heart beat thrummed with the machinery powered by current running through us all, could not be distinguished from the sounds of wells pumping, was drowned by the neverending hum of progress.

      All is now calm, all is now bright. Feel your heart beat.

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