No Confidence

I have no confidence in the words or deeds coming out of the White House. Pence is not doctor. HIV infections rose alarmingly in Indiana under his ‘leadership’. How are we supposed to feel safe when we suddenly have 60 cases of COVID19, when yesterday there were none?

5 thoughts on “No Confidence

      1. I don’t think that it’s a real big waste of potential
        It’s just that the genre that I write is crime and thriller stories
        I actually put some drama in this one
        It describes the world’s most dangerous crime kingdom
        The Chinese Triads
        Thank you for reading it

      2. No, no, not a waste of your potential. Criminals always strike me as wasting their potential. The brightest people I’ve met have been criminals. It floors me. Your story was dizzying because of its pace and all that was happening. I felt like I was racing to keep up.

      3. Yes I know
        I didn’t get your comment wrong
        But i was telling you that in thriller and crime novels
        Some characters waste their potential in crime life
        Thank you for sharing

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