Remember Ernie Borgnine? When I saw him in Marty, I fell in love with irregular-looking men. I thought he was a handsome man, loved his arms, his barrel chest. Now, most men have barrel bellies, but bitd (back in the day) Ernie B introduced me to that high, broad round chest, linked to those beefy arms. He was born to play a butcher. Also when I discovered that men could be liked for their parts, too, and I wasn’t interested in standard issue.

Remember Ruth Gordon? Harold and Maude? She was an itty bitty spitfire! I saw her in an old film about the Curies. Edward G was in it with her. Liked his looks, too. I think they may have made something related to Zola, too. Anyway, I liked the way she played her characters.

Remember Marvin Gaye? I think he’s still asking what’s going on. I know I am.

Remember our government? It stumbled along, but it sorta worked. Then, it was taken over, coup-ed out. Corporate Democrats, MAGAts, elites, banksters, anti-environment assholes took over our government. We are held hostage. We are robbed of rights, remember those? We are without privacy. We are without security, even imaginary. We are without clarity. We are deprived of our expectations.

Remember when we cared enough to do something decisive about it? When we made demands that were heard and acted upon? Perhaps, the air will change in January. Anything would be a step up from the current chaos. Instability, insecurity are bad for our health.

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