I should be thankful because I am not out of doors, but I am not because my insurance company, Safeco Insurance, and her preferred contractor, Protech Construction, left me and my family in a house that I am certain needs to be torn down.

This house is 8 square feet smaller than my home. My property taxes have tripled, but this house is worth $30K less than my home. All of my steel and wrought iron work on the place was removed and replaced with cheap Chinese-made aluminum, or not replaced at all. Code violations remain outstanding on this house.

All of my landscaping, my roses, lavender, Rosemary, succulents, lemon and trumpet trees – gone. Destroyed purposely. My yard looks like a litter box now instead of the lushly green and multicolored wonderland for pollinators it once was. It took 60 years to grow all of the floor that was once in my yard. This Thanksgiving I grieve for all that has been lost.

After being kept out of my home for nearly two years, Safeco’s Nahal Mazandarani and Kent Stiles forced me to move into a house that was incomplete. They had received a Certificate of Occupancy in March 2017, and paid the contractor, Vince Paglia, for a completed job. Certificates of Occupancy are usually issued by Los Angeles County Public Works after their inspectors have signed off on all of the building steps, like framing, foundation, electrical. The Certificate of Occupancy obtained in March 2017 was issued to an empty lot as Vince Paglia oversaw the demolition of my home once he returned from a vacation in Croatia.

It seemed odd to me that work on my repairs had to wait for Paglia to return from vacation rather than commencing immediately, but not knowing how contractors get paid is a bad thing for consumers. When a contractor presents an insurance company with a Certificate of Occupancy, that is the signal to the insurance company to pay out. Couple this with the confidential relationship that exists between contractor and adjuster and you have a perfect storm for consumer rip-off.

Come to find out, neither my home nor my workshop needed to be torn down. I was lied to by Paglia and Mazandarani about what needed to happen here because they wanted to plunder my claim funds. When caught out in their plot, Kent Stiles changed the narrative from one of rebuilding to one of repairing, attempting to cover up Protech’s shoddy work and the theft of my claim funds.

The contents of my claim file, a complete copy of which every insurance claimant is entitled, contained a small sheaf of papers that detailed wonderful installations of hardwood oak floors, two vent-free, infrared heaters, a full-house water filtration system, all sorts of cabinets and shelving, window blinds, a back door, and so many other things. It is an absolute scandal, the condition of this “brand, new house.”

When we were forced to move into this horror, there wasn’t a filter in the “whole-house” filtration canister. We found this out three months after being forced in. We were forced to move in when my goods were still in storage. We had to live here with no water, no heat. When I reported this to Kent Stiles, he ignored the complaint. In fact, through this entire fiasco, Kent Stiles has investigated himself.

It does no good to contact the Presidential Service Team at Safeco. These people are supposed to help you navigate problems you may have with how you claim is handled. What they really do is support the adjusters in covering up misdeeds. They do not help consumers, yet they claim we can trust them.

Needless to say, I hate insurance companies. They need not exist. If I ever get away from Safeco, I will never use insurance again and I will work tirelessly to get rid of insurance providers. I don’t know how, but there must be a way to dismantle them. Having to make these payouts for disasters may shut down a few more, but they should all be dismantled because they do not serve the best interests of consumers.

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