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Grant Hamilton, General Counsel for Beal Bank, SSB, Plano, TX is a I-Don’t-Want-to-Know-Anything Brass-Plated Schmuck

4.3.2017 Called MGC Mortgage, Inc., Lake Zurich IL, to ask for my property tax refund. Spoke to Jennifer, Anthony, Jocelyn, and supervisor Josh. He told me he would research and return my call. He never did.

4.4.2017  Spoke to supervisor Mary Ann. She said she would give a message to supervisor Josh. Gues she didn’t.

4.5.2017  Finally, spoke to Harvey. He seemed to work in the research department and had some knowledge of the history of payment associated with loan number 1423927043. He told me there was no listing of the source of payoff on the loan, other than my mother’s estate, which has been closed for two years. No note in the file that the check was from Safeco insurance and that the monies were homeowner’s insurance claim funds. Harvey transferred me to supervisor Tyler who truly did not want to talk with me. It was Harvey who told me MGC employees are not allowed to provide their last names to customers. What a way to run a financial institution, eh?

Supervisor Tyler, long story short, assured me my property tax refund check would be sent to me, payable to me instead of my mother’s estate which ceased to exist once probate closed. Beal Bank filed foreclosure against my property as probate closed. They headed all their documents to the Estate even though they knew the estate was closed and I was the legal owner of the property. They also took my money, that was in my name, to pay their claim, cloaking the payment to look as if it were drawn from funds other than my own.

4.7.2017 I called to speak with supervisor Tyler and was told by Josh and Brad Cox that they would investigate the problem I was having getting my property tax refund returned to me. He connected me to pisspot General Counsel for Beal Bank Grant Hamilton, whose name oughta be Stonewall Jackson. According to him, there is no one higher up the food chain than he in the legal department. One whole attorney for in-house counsel. Beal Bank likely has thousands of lawyers for litigation.

As he shrugged me off on Medium.

This arrogant troll told me Beal Bank owed me nothing, that they had no interest in my property, and had nothing, document wise or any wise, to return to me. Hamilton defended the right of Beal Bank to rob me. What’s that joke about a billion lawyers at the bottom of the ocean being a good start?

I have been writing complaints about Beal Bank for three years now. I concluded agencies like FDIC, CFPB, the whole lot of the alphabet soup of agencies charged with consumer protection, are powerless against, and in bed with the corporations that bedevil us.

That smug fart Grant Hamilton…with his shrugs…and lack of ethics. Putz.




4 thoughts on “Grant Hamilton, General Counsel for Beal Bank, SSB, Plano, TX is a I-Don’t-Want-to-Know-Anything Brass-Plated Schmuck

  1. How LONG is the ARM of GREED & Ignorance? It is as LONG as People PUT UP^ with that s–t…..What is the Song; “Could it be because I am Black?” Sister, fight these F–k’s until your dying Breath! You LOOK Beautiful to Me! And I am a 74 year old White man, who survived by treating ALL Human Beings as EQUAL!

    1. The fight continues. Has been since 2016. The web of corruption is wide, involving agencies that I thought were supposed to support consumers. Boy, did I get that wrong. Consumers are meant only to consume, no questions asked. The victims of the producers are supposed to take it quietly, not even notice the crap we’re being sold nor the fact that we don’t need most of it.

      Everyone in my immediate circle said this is happening because of my zip code, age, skin color, marital status, and sex. I have only recently begun to believe they are right.

      So, the battle continues. Stay tuned.

      1. The only way to defeat the monster of Greed is to quit giving them your hard earned $$$$$; Live a simple life, give up^ that T.V. that mind robbing criminal enterprise…..I just ate a bowl of soup from the “Cosmic Kitchen” in Homer, Alaska, It fired me up^; gave me courage to continue this battle against Money & the Lust for Power……I want a Livable Future for Our Children, and by God, I will make it happen!

  2. Displaced; My battle is a Future for OUR CHILDREN; Where there are Rain-forests, and Mangrove Swamps, and Birds and Fish, to just enjoy, and plucking the fruits of trees to eat……What is the Great Spirit going to send down next? Is it going to stop my Heart from beating?, I will cry out for a Future for OUR CHILDREN, until my Heart stops beating!

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