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Tide is Turning

Managed to file an amended Ch 13 and stall the sale of my home. Plan payments are now affordable and, more importantly, sustainable. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with MGC/Beal/Dovenmuehle. Perhaps there is a reason for my having a continued relationship with this entity that engages in questionable business practices, practices that are not consumer-friendly.

I must be very careful in how I describe my interactions with entities that might want to sue me because they confuse telling the truth with defamation. James Henry, the Encino office manager of Westfield Law Group, harassed me into removing my Yelp review because it still reflected a complaint, and if I wanted a refund of my $800, I had to completely remove the review. I had to tell him I would file a police report on him if he didn’t stop calling and threatening me. He actually had the gall to say I was combative! I wasn’t, but it certainly would have been an appropriate attitude, given this ass who doesn’t want truth told about his operation. I’m sorry. Is that defamatory?

Not once did the representatives of Westfield Law Group express any concern about my potential loss of my home. If they think I can be silenced about this, they are wrong.

Twice I asked James for the bar license number. He told me he wasn’t a lawyer. I said there should be a bar license number for the Law Group. He wouldn’t or couldn’t produce one. I don’t see one on the website. I don’t see that key number anywhere it should be visible. Are these people practicing law without a license?

Westfield Law Group does not give refunds. I’m getting my money back from a botched job only because I was bullied into taking my Yelp review down. All bets are off once the money is in my hands. The first review goes up, and a new one will be added. My $800 held hostage for a Yelp review. (smh)

So, continuing my reporting of the Law Group to every agency I can think of, I am firing off a complaint to the California Bar Association. Then I’ll see what’s what with Westfield Law Group.





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