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The Madness Will Not End

1. Back to work in the District. Now I know just how unsafe it is to work for LAUSD. Totally unaware they receive threats regularly.

2. MGC/Beal Bank/D0venmuehle plan to sell my home again this Friday.

3. Subjected to questionable business practices by Westfield Law Group  in Encino, CA. Because of a Yelp review I wrote, I was contacted by the business owner, offered a refund, and requested to remove my Yelp review

and not slander or defame the Law Group either verbally or in writing. Hence my editing of my review and this blog post, though I think I have removed the offending word.

Legal folk, check me, if you please.

4. Completely baffled by the lack of genuine help for people battling predatory lenders, by the proliferation of scammers, by my government’s lack of care for hard-pressed citizens.

5. Can anyone out there give me a lead to some real help to stop MGC Mortgage/Beal Bank/Dovenmuehle? It is absolutely astonishing to me that a $25.5K mortgage loan is now $43K and counting. It astonishes me that I paid this note for 10 years and it is more now than the original loan. I do not understand the calculation. I do know that business cannot be conducted with the dead, but MGC does it with impunity.

Anyone, everyone, I’m going down for the third time. This is an SOS!



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