Demand Letter Effects (Real/Real)

Seems one way to get people to leave me alone is to make a demand. After receiving my Demand Letter, the recipient passed it on to the people who live on her property and harass me on the regular. Well, they swole up, yammered on about how I was trying to sue their momma, and vowed to pay my demand. Needless to say, no such payment has been received. As long as they say nothing more to me, I’ll let the demand simmer on the back burner .

Happily, I love my new job! Always a bibliophile, I couldn’t be happier in my elementary school library. I await training so that I can do a proper good job promoting literacy amongst the young ones. Looking for ways to promote wellness, so if you have any ideas, pass them on, please.

I am very pleased with my change of fortune. Hope your fortunes are ever bright.

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