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Suddenly, Medical Care is Different

I posted before that diagnosis of AS was too expensive a service to be provided to the poor. Also, the focus is on children, as if people born with this neurological difference came into existence only after the difference was included in the DSM.

It took 17 years to get a correct diagnosis of a family member who was taken to psychologists from childhood. Now that health insurance for poor children has been tweaked, no child in California should have to experience this type of denial of service or provision of poor service because of lack of funds.

I filed a complaint with my insurance about being denied a consult with a neurologist early in the year. I do not understand why psychiatry has commandeered the treatment and diagnosis of AS. If they merely want to push pills, patients should not be forced to see them if they do not have behavioral problems requiring drugs. Big Pharma shils do not impress me.

My complaint and avoidance of my primary care provider might have had some impact on what happened the other day, but I think something occurred at the management level because when I went in to ask for a second opinion and to see the neurologist again, my request was granted without a squawk. Staff changes were apparent and the process was a bit more streamlined. Whatever happened, I’m glad of it. Age and income should have no bearing on the receipt of medical care. Rationing health care, especially to those without adequate funds, only costs all of us in the long run.

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