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Ruby Dee and all the Saints

Slight in physical stature, Ruby Dee was larger than life to me. With her husband, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee was an activist, a fighter for social justice, an active participant in the Civil Rights Movement. I grew up with her. Losing her is quite a devastating blow even though I never knew her personally.

Dee’s acting could be achingly poignant or tongue-in-cheek hilarious. She had interesting diction and could deliver the most wonderful deadpan lines.

I think I loved her most, though, because of her friendship with Br. Malcolm.

I hope all the saints are not resting. I hope they are active, laughing, enjoying wherever they are. That will be the place for me, there with Br. Malcolm, Ossie Davis, Maya Angelou, Yuri, Lena Horne, Beah Richards, Rosalind Cash, Madge Sinclair, Ruby Dee.

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