Sexualities · Sociology

Silly Rabbit and Other Troubled Gender Relations

Vi Stiviano’s interview with Barbara Walters spoke more about the problematic gender relations existing among the Sterlings and herself than I ever could. Less said about that matter the better.

Then, there is the troubling matter of Boko Haram stealing girls in the name of Allah and doing who knows what with them. Why such a long wait to do anything about these murderous fanatics? Why did the Nigerian government do nothing until now to stop the kidnapping of girls and young women? Even the woman prime minister made excuses instead of expressing outrage and disgust at the lack of action.

PBS Newshour has been discussing how we rear our children in this technologized era. Young girls are being hawked to be princesses and their parents are buying into it, thinking it healthy to indulge fantasies of becoming an anachronism.

Wurra, wurra, wurra.

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