Why Must I Observe the Absurd?

Far too often, I observe the most irresponsible, ridiculous, demeaning behaviors from grown folks … maybe folks who are supposed to be grown.

Example: A man starts the morning off yelling into his phone about, what sounds to me to be, nonsense. Why shout? Hang up, click off, or whatever you do now in the new technological age. Why start the day in an off mood? More important, why subject everyone around you to your foulness?

Example: Before a child can go to school, he has to be screamed at by his … mother. She repeatedly says lady…bitch, lady…bitch. She does this about a dozen times. Nothing else of her abusive tirade can be heard. The child then storms out, slamming the door behind him. Now, he goes to school with a head, and likely heart, full of malice. Why is this necessary?

Perhaps, I am overly sensitive. Perhaps, I haven’t been desensitized.

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