2 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. Displaced, You are an interesting Writer, I am following you….I, an old man of 74 want to Build “The House of Mankind” emphasis on Kind!, The only way to defeat the monster of GREED, LUST for POWER & Profit, is to Quit giving them your Money! The way to build our house is to treat ALL human beings as Equals….Quote; “When on the road to Thebes Oedipus met the Sphinx, who asked him her riddle, his answer was “Man”, this simple word destroyed the Monster…..We have many Monsters to destroy, let us think of Oedipus answer.” George Sefaris, Nobel Prize for Literature speech, 1963……

    1. Following you right back. Your words are a spark to my flagging spirit. For a while, I’ve lamented my lack of connection with people who know what I’m talking about. Your joy, your fighting spirit, your desire for inclusion and kindness even as we curse the world, are infectious and uplifting.

      Thank you.

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