Trauma in the 2nd Supervisorial District of Mark Ridley-Thomas

There are seven households of law-abiding citizens who are being intimidated by one household of gang members about parking spaces.

Don’t laugh. This is serious. Serious enough for the law-abiding to have their lives and limbs threatened by the gang members who routinely let us know that they will “fuck you up” if asked to move their vehicles.

They have chosen to dominate the space in front of my house. If someone else manages to park there, they park in the strip between my driveway and the driveway to the west, making it difficult for either of us to get in or out of our driveways without having to make a conscious effort to not hit their vehicle. Asking them to move earns a cussing out and threatened beat down; saying nothing to them encourages more intimidation and bullying.

The Sheriffs have been little to no help with this problem as there seems to be several different interpretations of what blocking a driveway means. The last joker who came out here came down on the side of the gang members, leaving them with the notion that they can park where they like and that the law supports them doing so.

Every day is an exercise in drama with these people. I do  have to remind myself constantly that they are people because they are definitely not human beings. Human beings respect others and are not addicted to drama and the creation of trauma.

Because these people are murderers, I suppose we, the law-abiding, just have to suck it up and accept our abused lot as neither the Supervisor or the Sheriffs deem it worthwhile to stop these people from abusing us.

Anyone got a small house in the country for sale?

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