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Old Hippie in a New World

Well, last week’s post on North Carolina’s Amendment One vote generated an email or two. Generated a couple of “un-friendings” on my Facebook page, as well. But, I also had several new friend requests from it, so, a net gain overall. And that’s what matters most, right?

Most of the emails and Facebook comments landed in the supportive range, but several—how should I put this—well, let’s say they were less than favorable. Lot’s of CAPS, BOLD FONT, and exclamation points explaining in great detail and with emphasis what accommodations awaited me in hell, to which particular version of hell I was headed, and just how quickly they hoped I arrived at that particular destination. Yeah, well, put yet another flower on my basket…if you can find a spot. A teacher / mentor / friend / writer I greatly admire once told me if my writing didn’t make somebody uncomfortable…

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