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I don’t want to get married

Now that the president has come out in favor of same-sex marriage, I wonder if I can get him to advocate for those of us who don’t want to get married, but would like to reap some of the benefits married couples enjoy.

I’d really like to stop being overtaxed.  Just because I’m single I have to pay more income tax than a married individual does.  Seems to me that’s preferential treatment for the married that disadvantages the single.

Next, I’d like to stop being stigmatized because of my lack of a ‘mate.’ Historically, women have been considered the property of men. Black women were simply property once upon a time. We could be bought, raped, sold at the whim of our owners. White women were little more than pampered chattel whose function was to produce a male heir. They had no property rights and could be beaten and otherwise abused by their husbands, and it was nobody’s business but the family’s.

The Xtian bible supports the notion of woman as property or, at the most, of less value than a man. Be submissive to your husband. Keep silent in the church. It supports the Madonna-Whore duality with a vengeance. Stay barefoot, pregnant, ignorant, and subservient seems to be the message coming from that source.

With this history in mind, I don’t want to be married. I want my singleness to be as respected as that of any man’s. I want the fiscal discrimination to stop. In this land of rugged individualism, I want my choice to be single to be viewed as just as viable and worthwhile as those who choose to be married.

Can I get a Amen, somebody?

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