Negricidal Nourishment

The daily confab: discussions of who shot at us, who we shot at, with whom we fought, who fought back accompanied by ‘music’ with the only audible and understandable lyrics being those of violence, murder, hatred. Yesterday, I heard a woman referred to as Dumbass Stupid Bitch so often, I thought that was her name. She was being addressed by ‘her baby daddy’ who also told her he was on his way to find ‘another bitch’ who wanted to be ‘ all up under him.’

Saw Perry’s Grampa today. He is 86 years old, has one tooth in his head, and always appears in dirty and tattered clothing when he appears at all. I hadn’t seen him in months, but was happy to see he continues to survive. I inquired about Perry’s health and was told he was in jail. “Still?” I asked. “He went to jail for somebody else. He took somebody else’s beef ‘cause that one was never gonna get out, so he took his beef. He’ll be out soon.”

That is a troubling practice, taking someone else’s beef. I seen a parent do it for a son looking at his third strike, have often seen one gang member take a beef for another, have seen unaffiliated relatives take beef for their gang member relations.

I cannot imagine giving up my freedom, particularly if I had done nothing for which I should be locked up. Law enforcement has to be aware of this practice, but seem not to care much; it is most important to keep the jails and prisons overflowing so that the prison-industrial complex will continue to flourish in this time of economic desolation. What could be easier than locking up anyone without funds, self-respect, or fear of the system. Matters not if they are guilty. If they are ready to do the time, let ‘em, whether or not they are the perpetrators of crime.

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