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Remember the era of Negritude, when there was awareness of and pride in all that was Black culture? Seems to me that what we’ve got now is negricide, the extermination of Black culture.

I’m working on developing a concept here. Negricide encompasses that awkward term black-on-black crime, child-rearing practices, general cultural practices like wearing one’s pants around one’s ankles and expecting to be able to run away from the police when they attempt arrest.

Class is involved in negricide. It seems to be a practice of the lower classes, the underclass, the long-term, hard-core unemployed, the African-Americans who frequent the prisons and jails as if they were colleges and universities, gang members. It is also an internal practice, beginning from within, unlike genocide that begins from without. Mothers speak abusively to their children; the children return the abuse in kind and go on to abuse others. It is the extermination of the emotional, mental, and physical portions of Black culture.

A working definition, in progress, copyright 2011.

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