Notes on the President’s Address


the grip and grin shot – as the President enters the chamber

Topic: Economy and Economic Agenda

"We will rebuild, we will recover, we will emerge stronger than before."

Banks, lenders, what about the real estate agents and brokers? Real estate industry needs regulation and oversight.

Agenda begins with jobs.

reform regulatory system

energy healthcare education

preventive care

dropping out is quitting on self and country

line-by-line vetting of the budget

eliminate no-bid contracts and reform defense budget

tax code adjustments (stop rewarding corporations that send jobs overseas)

medicare and social security

deficit of trust

the chamber acts like they’re at mass

raise pay and provide better benefits to veterans

GITMO closing

"a new era of engagement has begun"

Leonard Abess bank CEO who gave away money to workers

Something worthy to be remembered.

interrupted by applause 52 times

Obama expects to be judged by results.

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