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Fuel to the Spark

It occurs to me that everyone has a spark of the Divine within. Many of us have not supplied any fuel to that spark that would make it burst into beautiful, clarifying flame.
More often, it seems, people actively dampen the spark, causing it to come close to perishing for lack of good fuel. It burns low, will flare up with acts and thoughts of good will, then burn low again with a liberal reapplication of negativity.
We are not dealing with two conflicting sources of life, only one that we continually neglect and abuse. There is no evil, save that we create for ourselves. There is no good, save that we create for ourselves. There is only the Divine Spark that seems to burn brightest when we apply the fuels of kindness and goodwill to ourselves and others.
There is, in each of us, the Divine Spark. It is up to each of us to make it flash and burn brightly or to let it ebb to its lowest point while sustaining life, barely.

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