Health and wellness


My dreamlife is back in full force.  I hadn’t dreamed in about 10 years, not dreams that I could remember.  Now they are back, in color, black and white, with sound and fury. Prior to going to grad school at IU, I had a rich dream life and felt so much better for it.  I didn’t have to purge the urge to kill because I could get it out in my dreams.  Then, for the past 15 years, as I went through enough stress to kill an elephant, no dreams and plenty of weight gain, skin anomalies, and headaches. I’m very surprised I didn’t develop hypertension.
Now, I curse men up who threaten to touch me or treat me in any but a respectful way and threaten to beat them to a bloody pulp with my bare hands!  Army training redux!
More positively, I visit with my mom who talks with me and motivates me to press ahead because there is much more for me to do than sit and miss her.  She remains with me and continues to help me.  For this, more than anything, I am grateful to the Great Spirit for this gift of communication.

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